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Saying hi to people at work

At work I try and say hi to almost everyone. Simply just to be nice. I say hi one way or another to most guys there, sometimes it's a "whats up" or just nodding my head. but with girls I tend to avoid it, simply because I don't want to come across as a creep or something. My role at work pretty much has me in a completely different area away from most workers and I work with the same 4 guys everyday. every now and then I step out of that area into where all the workers are, and I sometimes pass by girls, I want to say HI, but I feel women would read it wrong. So instead I just walk by almost as if they don't even exist. Is this bad?

I'm married , and in the end it doesn't really matter if they speak to me or not. I just want to know, should I say hi? should I even bother or concern myself with it? I also don't want to seem like an a** hole, because after all I am still working with them, and I don't want to seem rude.
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I dont know i guess just be yourself and live your life and dont let anxiety or peoples opinions get in the way of that.
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I'm a woman and I always appreciate a simple "hi" whether it's a man or woman saying it...if anyone reads you wrong, that's their problem, just obviously stay away from anything that could be interpreted as sexual harassment. "Hi" or a wave or nod should be safe. I guess if you get a bad response don't do it again?
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You are overthinking this. Don't worry. A simple hi, especially if you are their coworker, is not creepy at all.

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