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Running into old school mates...

Thought i might aswell vent the other issue before i head to bed... i started jogging out side after about a year i wasnt doing any exercise of any sort, now a little back ground.. i took 1 year off school after i just couldnt take it any longer and working on getting back to an externall school... i live in the same hood for the last 14-15 years, i am almost 18, so i know atleast 100 girls / boys that live in the area.. and many where they live, only the people who were close to me at school and actually bothered contacting me, i just told them i had a severe medical situation for a few years and i just couldnt supress it any longer... SA turned me into a liar and i hate excuses... but what can i do?

Any ways i am doing it for an hour a day usually at noone, i moved to a different apartment 4 months ago, about 800 meters from my older house so i didnt really know much about my nieghbors, so when i came back from the jogging i passed some houses and was checking family names.. saw a family name, lets call it S. and thought (from where do i know that name?), it was of a girl that was with me in class from the age of 7, so i start running around the corner and theres this girl standing with her back against me, short with long curly hair and i run accross her and like a second later it hits me, "crap, is that her?" i couldnt even force myself to turn because i knew i would have to chat with her and i am not in a mood while sweating like a pig ><, this is my worst phobia at the moment, meeting old school mates and having to talk to them and give them a decent explaination to why i left school, i actually reconized a few kids from a far, but unless they are going to reconize and approach me i am going to stay away like from fire, so a few hours ago returning from the jogg i go past a buss stop and who do i see sitting there? yup... the S. girl.

I actually though i should just go accross the street and avoid the chance but i said screw this and went past her jogging, i think she gave me a look, i stopped a few meters away to do some stretching and look around my shoulder and she was staring at me, but i think if she would have reconized me she would approach me 100%, i mean she saw me two times already less than a week, and shes the talking kind of girl.

Ok... thats a bit long.. just had to vent that
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