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rude poker players

Rude poker players are such idiots. They think that every time they make the correct play, they deserve to win the hand. Such *******s. Most of the time, they suck anyways, as much or more than I do. I admit I'm not that good, but at least I'm not stupid enough to drive away a "fish" by insulting them. Yeah I'm a fish but at least I admit it.

Poker is full of such egotistical morons. It makes me want to give up the game. Anyone play poker here? I'm trying to get better to make a little side money. So far I just about break even, but I'm only been playing for a couple weeks seriously.
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What really bugs me is when someone loses a hand to you, they say that you weren't playing right.

Really, buddy? You folded and handed me the pot, and I wasn't playing right? Okay.

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I once played a game of poker with my friend and 3 of his friends. It was ****ing horrible. The whole time they were trying to figure out what I was doing and were like wtf is he thinking playing this hand and that hand. I was just sitting there like, "Wow, you play online poker all the time so you think you're a ****ing hot shot, eh?" Seriously, people like this need to get over themselves and realize that poker is about skill AND luck. I ended up coming in second by the way. Only because I wanted to leave and said next hand wins. LOL! Never saw those jerks again and I'm glad.
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Part of playing poker is psychological. By getting to your opponent's emotions (by say being rude) players try to gain an advantage. When you're angry, you're more likely to show if you have a good hand or not... maybe because the emotional part of your brain takes over. Just be careful about playing for money because people will try to get under your skin. But that is a part of the game.
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My close friend used to always have a poker tourney going. Once a week they played, and I was invited. They always said I could play whenever I wanted. I couldn't commit to the tourney b/c of my schedule. Anyway, I played a few times and did pretty well. I love poker or any card game really. There was this one guy that it never failed I would end up sitting next to. He was such a rude*** and so condescending towards me. He would tell me my poker face sucks or why would I bid that or that I only won that hand b/c of luck, etc. My mission was to always just beat him . Of course, some of these guys act like they are the only ones who know how to play. And, if you're not there every single week, you don't belong, and you're skewing the results of the tourney. I understand the latter, but my friends are playing for fun, as well. And, it's not for a ton of money. Oh's not for money .
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Poker can put a lot of stress on people. People need a way of relieving the stress. Some do it by acting like jerks.

Can also be used as a gambit.

Best to just stay focused on strategy. Don't worry about sh!t talk.

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A lot of people talk sh*t as a way of getting you off your game. It's actually quite an effective tactic and often can cause someone to go all tilty.

If you're going to learn to play poker you need to learn to handle the trash talk.
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Originally Posted by Spindrift View Post
What really bugs me is when someone loses a hand to you, they say that you weren't playing right.

Really, buddy? You folded and handed me the pot, and I wasn't playing right? Okay.
The people that do this are like much of society, they think they know everything and think they are always right. It's amazing how arrogant many people can be. I think it's more than a poker issue, i'd say it's a societal issue.
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Yeah, I've been playing Texas Holdem off and on for years. The thing is the only circles I play in all have the spirit of a 'friendly game'. It's mucho fun when you know everyone and you can talk **** in good humor. It's more of a social gathering than a to-the-death-match really.

A few minutes down the road every weekend there is a hefty poker game with nearly 100 people. I don't go because I don't want to deal with idiot chest pounders. I guess I can wear headphones and sunglasses all night and say absolutely nothing besides what is needed to play.

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Rude poker players get met in the parking lot.
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