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Ran out of time on an exam

I was studying quite hard and understood most of the material, but I got some long questions to answer (randomly generated questions) and while I knew what I must do, I didn't have time, there was too much calculation and writing from screen to paper. I also made some silly mistakes that could easily be avoided if I had the time to recheck all my answers. I'm angry because I could get a much better result if I had few extra minutes or even seconds and I also got unlucky with long randomly generated questions. I hate this online exams because they don't reflect knowledge, at least in my case.
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This happened to me once. I started to do the last problem of the exam with the wrong formula and realized this like halfway through and ended up having to redo it from scratch. It was a really long problem so that really set me back. I didn't end up with enough time to complete it so only got like halfway through it. One of the main reasons for that (other than using the wrong formula) was that I spent way too much time on the discussion and multiple choice questions which were worth less than the problems. So I learned two lessons that day: 1. do the problems first since they are worth more points and do the rest of the questions afterward and 2. read the question really carefully before trying to solve it to make sure you understand what exactly you're being asked to solve.

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That must be frustrating. I hate when there would be a timer or back when doing in-person classes having some professors who would remind as to how much time there was left. It takes away the concentration and instead has the mind overridden by anxiety.
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I rarely ever finished an exam after about Grade 10. Even 3 hour exams, where other people would be leaving halfway through, I'd only get about 2/3 of it done. That's why I'd never make it through university. (I only have a hs diploma.) I think I have some kind of problem with my memory, since it doesn't matter how much I study, I can't seem to retain certain kinds of information. But everybody tells me that's not it so I guess it's possible I'm just stupid. I'm also an extremely slow reader. I never learned how to read faster than I speak. It's sort of ironic, because I love reading and learning, I just don't have what it takes to be an academic.

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