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As an aspiring musician I recognize where you are coming from because generally speaking all artistic careers require a ton of networking to get your name out there among the regulars of whatever particular scene you're involved with. I've been quietly doing things the last few years but I recognize at some point if I really want to do it I'll have to be out there regularly SA or not. I think the key is to constantly remind yourself of your skills & successes when you do head out there so as to keep motivated, you need to keep from getting too down about little mistakes. I think that goes for SA in general really. Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by Octavius View Post
Not necessarily. Most attorneys working in the law firm I work at almost never go to courts. They mostly draw up agreements and other legal documents, write legal opinions, provide legal advice, communicate with administration on behalf of a client (various petitions, applications, etc.). More like an office job, mostly done by e-mail, sometimes on the phone. But, of course, they have to "communicate" a lot - with the client, with other lawyers, or are asked to provide a training for marketing purposes. Anyway, I would say most of the work consists in reading and writing, not so much in speaking. Seems like a typical introverts' job But of course, the atmosphere in the office is very extroverted and you are supposed to communicate a lot.
everything about being a lawyer is as far from introverted as possible. I already have my degree and I was going to do the final stage but now I don't think I will because being a lawyer is one of the most social/extroverted careers which is awful because it's always been my aim

you have to be assertive, confident and be able to talk easily and self-assuredly

I've found most lawyers/trainees etc are arrogant, rude and very confident. It's all incredibly depressing
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i want to do something with journalism when i get to college - or english, just to get a masters in whatever so I can write books and look like I know what i'm talking about....
my dream job would be me sitting at home all day, out of touch with reality, writing books all day. i'm not sure how THAT will come into play, but if that could happen i'd be so content.

Then there's my very real and very INTENSE dream of running track in college. If I get to that level, when I'm good enough for Division 1 Track... that means competitions and being around a lot of people, stadiums full of people, watching me... i want it bad, but it all sounds so out of my comfort zone it's scary.

If I could do both I totally would. I think I COULD... lots of college-level athletes are able to keep up with their studies.



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I want to be a dj or film director..: so yeah I'm ****ed.
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I've thought about becoming a social worker since I want to help people and make a difference in the world. In order to do that, I would have to get way out of my comfort zone.
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When I graduate I'm going to be looking for a job in IT. I really hope it goes good with SA. I don't know though. I've heard people say that IT requires a lot of working in teams. I really have no idea what work is going to be like.

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I want to be a musician and a screenwriter

**** social anxiety. i'm going to go after it even though all the odds are against me being successful
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Fashion. I'm already over it. Too much pressure. Oh n its *****ing superficial and racist and elitist.
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