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Originally Posted by millenniumman75 View Post
It takes time to get used to. It's like training to run a marathon. You can't just go out and run 26 miles on your first try. It takes dedication, stamina, and....get ready for it.....patience!
Thanks, if there is one thing i am lacking is patience. If someone asks me directions i get overwhelmed at this point. i have my headphones on anyway in public at all times.
I really don't have time to socialize anyway because i go to pro sports games and movies almost every night and i have a business online that I spend 20-70 hours per week on, depending on the week.

Anyone at a game I meet, almost everyone wants to drink and I don't want to spend $14 for a beer that costs $1.50 at a supermarket and I can't drink anyway because I am at risk for diabetes, if i gain 30 or 40 pounds I would be at super high risk for diabetes. My point is everyone at games i would meet is drinking so if I don't drink i stick out like a sore thumb, i would rather be alone and not drink that put up with boring people who drink beer all game and yell and before you know it i am broke and fat

I am not saying socializing is natural to me at all, or that I feel normal in that environment talking to people, so it isn't like i really stand that much of a chance anyway you know,
I would be like a fish out of water and even with a ton of work, I would have more obstacles than the average person
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