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Passport picture I.D in the internal office

God i think i need to vent some stuff... so i had to go make a passport picture for I.D card... and i prolonged it for like a year and a half... i am 18 in a month and I.D is suppose to be at 16, so yeah.. any ways i woke up at 6:00 after a 4 hours sleep because my dog was barking constantly, tryed to wake myself up and got ready to go at 8:00 to the city... my dad gave me a ride, so i am going in praying there wont be a long line on the mornning because i just want to get in, get the sucky picture and go out, so i go in and tell the lady i need a passport picture for I.D card... i sit on the chair and theres a big screen showing your face, and i swear i dont have a problem with my bone structure but i thought to myself god i need to take care of my skin more, i am a male btw :P, so i tell her no glasses, because i pretty much screwed my eye sight wearing contacts for 2-3 years, and the liquid stuff that comes with seriously messed my eyes, i read that they took it off in the US because it was causing BLINDNESS.

So i feel like my face stiffs up and i havent taken a picture in years so i knew its going to suck, in the end she took a picture WITH the glasses, and i must admit i never thought i look nerdy in glasses, but man i was wrong xD, so i had to wait with my father in the busy internal office where I.Ds are being made and for an hour i am thinking to myself "god that picture sucked" over and over in my head... it took me a few hours to get into proportion that 1) its bloody I.D, no one gives a crap 2) you can allways replace it when you feel / look better 3) if people do check your ID, they do it for a sec and arent really looking hard..

I have another issue i want to vent but i think i'll do it in another thread...
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