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Parents want me to take crap job

Venting... so you're warned. Just needed to get this out.

Okay, so as stated before, I have a full time job that I hate (at a call center). Main reason I still have it is because there aren't many full time jobs around here.

On the weekend my brother sent me a job advertisement for his bank, well the call center associated with his bank. The job is 20 hrs per wk, $2 more than I get paid right now and starts between 2-4pm every day. No benefits, a possible bonus of about $300 every Christmas.

MY job right now is $12/hr, 40 hrs per week, benefits, and profit sharing (bonuses of $900 twice a year). Crap job but pays my bills. brother told my parents about this job he sent me and my parents were going on and on about how I need to apply there. I told them, "why would I leave a Full-time job, WITH benefits for a job that is half the hours and I couldn't take the bus home? I'd have to pay for a cab every night as the bus doesn't run at that time...and the job would be the exact same thing that I'm doing now?"

But no, my parents keep going on and on about this place because it could mean that in a couple years, I might get a job at the bank where my brother works as a teller. I told them I don't want to work as a teller (which fyi isn't much more than what I get paid now). I would HATE dealing with people face to face. I'd probably have an anxiety attack a few times a day.

This same situation has happened at least three other times. My brother sends an email with a job, tells my parents, all three try pushing me into it. I tell them repeatedly. I need a FULL time job since I live on my own. And why would I quit a job that's more financially secure for that one? I've talked to my brother about these stupid job ads and emails he sends me. Talked to my parents to stop pressuring me and they won't stop.

It was so bad that the other day when I was talking to my parents, when they brought it up and kept going on and on about it, I was SO close to pressing the hang up button. I resisted that urge then my dad started going on about interview experience and I became really hard to resist the urge to swear at him (thankfull, I did resist).

I'm not just ignoring their concerns with these job opportunities. I DO look into them but when I contact the people in the contact info that's listed with the job ad, they always tell me "usually you work the late shift for the first six months to a year. Most people it ends up being a year before we allow them to make changes." Um, so that everynight, which from that location would be at least $25 a day. A cab from my current job is $15 and this place is much farther. You do the math.

Anyways I needed to vent 'cause it feels like I'm being ganged up on just 'cause my family wants me all to work at the place my brother does and eventually I'll get the same job he has and become hiim or something. So frustrating!
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I know how you feel. I'm pressured to keep the job I have by my boyfriend and my parents, even though I hate it, and I have constant anxiety there. I hate being told what to do, I want to punch someone in the face. Especially since I'm old enough to make my own decisions, I shouldn't feel pressured by people.

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Sounds like a no-brainer. Do not allow them to change your mind.
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My brother does the same thing. Sometimes he'll come across a job ad and then email it over to me and cc my parents on the email as well. Copying them on the email does nothing but get my parents all wound up.

Eventually I said "eff this" and stopped letting others dictate where I apply for jobs. It's me that has to get out of bed each day and go work there, not them. Therefore it needs to be something that I want and believe is a proper fit for me.

I know they're just trying to help but it always leads to them getting offended when you don't like their idea.

Stand your ground and keep your current job. The other job sounds completely ludicrous in comparison.
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I worked at a call center and it did indeed suck. Nothing like being yelled at over stuff that is not in your own control. Anyway, yeah I would agree with you that it makes more sense for you to keep your current job with more hours and benefits. It was nice of your brother to inform you of the job opening, but since your not interested it is strange that your family wouldn't drop the subject. Anyway, I hope you find something better.

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Thanks everyone.

Yeah, I'm keeping my current job until I find something better. Still don't get why they're pushing me so much but I'm not taking a job with half the pay and no benefits. Ridiculous.
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