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One hell of a rant...

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Yeah that was one helluva rant!

It is surprising to hear such wisdom and moderate clarity come from the "lips" of a young man.* Hell yeah. Fighting back is the way! Sorry to hear about the abuse. That is truly terrible and I hope it hasn't completely jaded your view of humanity. A world-view that everything is ****, that all 'everyone' ever wants is to take, take, take will drag a person down. See that there is good in the world, of course without being blind to evil.

To emphasize my point a little. My heart swelled recently when watching the Olympics. We can be very cynical about the state of our world, but such an event, it is truly wondrous. People from across the far reaches of our planet decide to come together, just for a few weeks to honor the achievements of athletes. All politics aside- that is worth being a little proud of.

Not that I am an old man, but you get my gist. No worries about your sexual orientation either. Most people in our age group are understanding, a few years from now we will look at the homophobic with the same disdain as bigots.

"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it." --Mark Twain

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@CrashMedicate: Yeah, maybe true but I still think that one's will is a powerful thing when fully tapped. That and the fact that I guess sometimes people such as me get so fed up after so long that they just stop caring about it, like I have.

Well I hope I made some sense to some people; I was really outta it last night from being totally worn out, and yes I try not to see all as such, as I was saying that when people respect me, I'll show it right back, and that means I'm being more careful about being too nice to people from now on to avoid the 'take take take' bit, because of course trust is an earned thing.

Oddly enough, I've always had this skill of working off of strength I gather from outta nowhere, which tends to wear my already weak body out even furthur, which I'm going to have to do yet again to brute force my way back into school and whatever else to get life back in order for me. Sick or not, I'm doing it, and soon. I think that big rant made me feel much better last night; Even *I* must explode from time to time and be serious for once.

PS: Does anyone else think this smiley is somewhat amusing?
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