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OCD about Learning/Remembering Things

This may sound weird, but I have realized that I have an obsession with knowing things. I know it is normal to want to learn about things, but I have a fear of someone asking me something and me not being able to answer them. I feel I may look incompetent and seem like less of a person if I don't know things. I guess it stems from me being a perfectionist. I can be in the middle of something and all of a sudden get a thought about wanting to know how something works or if I hear people talking about something and if I don't know what a certain word or statement they make means I do not feel at rest until I know. The thing is that I know there is no way for me to know everything and I am not a genius, so it is impossible for me to remember a whole lot. I get frustrated with myself if someone is talking about something or I read something and realize I do not remember what it means after I have previously learned about it. Also, if in conversation I am asked what something means I get frustrated because I do not always know how to explain things well.

I know this seems trivial to what other problems that there are in life, but just wondered if anyone else deals with it?
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This is exactly the OCD I struggled with.
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I deal with this every single day of my life. To the point that when I read about something I tend to try to memorize every word and I get frustrated if I feel that im not doing it perfectly or something like that. I cant explain really. I cant even work-out withoung being frustrated or having anxiety because of the thought that im not doing it right.
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So if you guys were from an era before the Internets, do you think you'd be keeping every book and newspaper you'd come across? You know... just in case? I ask this because I think my mom has this kind of OCD.
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well you cant have all the books you come across. And I certainly would prefer doing something else than reading something that is not of interest to me.

Does your mom do that? hehe.
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