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never talking about myself with people

I have ways been so shy that i have always avoided talking about myself for fear of being i want to talk more about myself but i am scared of people getting upset at me for never telling them things before.

some "friends" and people ive known for years dont know that: -my oldest brother is a phd living in USA - i have a sister - my parents own a business - i travelled to europe and asia -what high school i went to - i was in a fraternity

some things i would like for example i lied that i went to a public school instead of a private schooolfor fear if being judged as rich

anyhow, do you think people will be ok with me starting to talk more about myself? or will they be angry that i have never told these things?
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I know how you feel, most people donít want to hear about past abuse or hardships, and will tell you to get on with life or that itís just ďreality..Ē It depends on how often you do it, and who you choose to bare souls with. It can be annoying always be a leaning shoulder for someone as it can take up a lot of mental faculty. I would always go on drunk rants to a friend for example and eventually he told me so stfu, which I donít blame him for now that I think back.
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Socializing with myself
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Back in the education system I've received criticisms from kids and regular/special ed teachers about my behavior and communication, and up to this very day I still received criticisms about my communication and behavior. I also received criticisms about my communication online the same way the kids and teachers criticize my communication, where the language barrier that I received results in making me admit to myself that I can't speak my own language English and making me confront my own actions to myself. Rather than me encountering persuasion from people, they concluded an idea where they do not ask me for an answer, the people want me to admit what they've introduce about me. When the people want to use persuasion, they would ask several questions and look for answers to match the topic conversation with the situation to draw out a response as part of social engineering. What I've encountered from people who concluded an idea where they do not ask me for an answer, but want me to admit what they've introduce about me does not match the social engineering concept, but shows a new concept that uses logic, sentences, mentality and concepts as if they had a conversation with me before.

I always thought adults makes their own decisions to interact with people regardless of what topic, but the logic is fake since the cryptographic keys can be generated from what's observe through the emulation to emulate the human response to automatically carry out conversations to interact with. This means communication can be fake, where the person concepts, logic, sentence construct, and specifying people & events can be mismatched.

What I mean by the emulation is that the technology has a copy of the logic, sentence constructs, mind, concepts, events, people and can emulate them into real time data to be used automatically. In this situation the emulation patterns can catch on, since the emulation is used over and over.

Multi-Agent Quantum AI Computers governing humanity 24/7 using Quantum Cryptography Satellites to run a thought interval to generate cryptographic keys to refresh key information into thoughts to channel the communication 24/7.

NSA Software Engineers & NASA computationally remapping buildings, jobs, relationships, wealth, education, and income using bio intelligence system to manage citizens time & events. Getting away with airplane crashes, accidents, diseases, homelessness, and suicides.
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Even when I was with some family members who are pretty nice to me I didn't open up. A big part of that is knowing that if I started talking I'd probably not be able to get all the words out and the story would be a jumbled mess. But it's also not really having much relatable or interesting (to regular people) things to say. So being around me in person doesn't really mean getting to know me. That's why the value of "real life" interactions has never held the same candle for me. Other people put it on an altar like it's holy.

As for you, I dunno, it's better to avoid making it sound like you have money. Some will seek to take advantage.
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