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My mom....

Hey guys, so I have been thinking about something, but before I tell you what it is I need to tell you a few things. So my mom has some unresolved mental health issues that have really caused a strain on my relationship with her as well as a strained relationship with my dad and sister. My dad resented her for the longest time because she would not get a job or go on disability. She would not even get help for her problems let alone get help for them. She believed that everyone was against her and that nothing was wrong with her. This caused me to be angry at her, but these last few months I have been questioning whether or not it is right for me to be angry at her. You know how there is contraversy over whether or not intellectually disabled or clinically insane people should be put to death if they murder someone because people question whether or not they actually know what they are doing. Well, I sometimes beleive that my mom is not actually in denial of her mental illness because she is too prideful to admit it. I beleive that she is in denial because she does not understand that she is sick, so therefore she will not get help for her problems. So is it actually fair for me to be angry at a person who might not know what they are doing. Any comments.....
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I think it's really sweet that you're trying to be understanding. She has mental health issues that some people don't understand and that make people distance themselves from her, but you're willing to give her some leniency. I also think that it's okay that you're frustrated though - you're not angry at her, you're frustrated that she needs help but won't take it even though it will clearly help her. It shows you care. So perhaps being angry at her in her face and bringing the conversation up all the time doesn't help, but being considerate of the situation and showing that you care definitely does!x

Much love <3

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