My first day of high school track practice is on Tuesday and I'm really nervous. Advi - Social Anxiety Forum
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My first day of high school track practice is on Tuesday and I'm really nervous. Advi

On Tuesday after school I will be at my first day of track practice, but get this..I'm a junior. Due to my social anxiety, I have not been involved in any extracurricular activities or sports my freshman year, and the only thing I was involved with my sophomore year was the Mathmatics National Honor Society (quit before even being inducted). What also added to it was in middle school, my 7th and 8th grade year I tried out for volleyball, basketball and never made the cut. I was no good and made a fool of myself so when freshman year came I decided that sports were just not for me. Now that I know what moving around and being active can do to one physically I am ready to give it a shot again. However, I'm a VERY shy and quiet person at school along with my insecurities. To get even more in to detail, I'm a loner. I'm known as one at the school. Instead of going to lunch, I sit by my locker and play on the laptop the school issues the juniors, and eat a snack brought from home. Luckily, only one occupied classroom is in the hallway and no one walks by to see me. I also walk to all my classes by myself (I take the shortest route to avoid anyone seeing me). It's sad because I know people (I've been in the area since since my 6th grade year) but talk to no one. My social life took a turn for the worst after freshman year when my best friend moved to another school. My sophomore year I was very stand offish, and now I am very lonely and tired of feeling this way. Currently, I have only one friend and unfortunately she will not be with me.
My father (a former track runner in his high school years) makes me even more anxious because he says that it will be hard for me to get in shape and that whenever new people joined the team they eventually quit.
I'm running track for several reasons:
- become involved in something at school
- make friends/socialize
- have something to put on college applications
- get in shape
Nonetheless, I need words of encouragement and detailed insight on what is done at practice because it is all I can think about. I'm stressing over it ):
Also, what should I keep my clothes I will be changing into for practice in? (bag-wise) I do not have a P.E. locker but I will keep it in my regular school locker.
Thank you (:
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I played baseball, so never did track (same season), but it seems like a great way to meet people. There seems to be a lot of social time during events and practices. Could be a great opportunity for you to meet people. If you don't know what to say, talk about track. I know at my high school all sorts of different types of people did track. There's gotta be someone there with common interests with you. Good luck, have fun.
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