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My cut marks.....

Hey guys, so I started cutting when I was 16 and the cut Marks were so deep that I still have them (I am 19). Anyway, they really bother my dad and he always ask me to cover them up. I wanted a tattoo and I thought about getting it on the arm that I cut but I dont want the tattoo artist to judge me. I am aware that I will probably never see this person again but the Marks make me self concious....
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You will never see that person again, but his impression of you will last forever. Think twice before someone looks at your marks. :3
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I like mine but they are quite faint and parallel. but a tattoo in comparison would seem kind of disingenuous because I really lived through this, it's not just paying someone to draw on me.

my last ex had some big ones. less aesthetically nice but she didn't do anything to hide them.

I guess it depends on how you feel about them. I'm not going to submit to other peoples stupid judgements.

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You could ask yourself what you would rather choose between these two options:

☆ Be self conscious about your scars for the rest of your life/until they fade enough to not be noticeable anymore.

☆ Get a tattoo and never have to worry about them again, but be self conscious for the time it takes to get the tattoo, which will be done by someone you might never see again. If you did see them again, they might not recognise you or remember how they knew you.

I'm sure a lot of people would get tattoos for the same reason you want one, and this would mean the people who work there would have seen it so many times by now that they wouldn't think to judge you for it. They could even have some scars themselves and be able to understand yours better. You would be paying them to help you with something, and they would be to busy focussing on making sure their work looks good to think bad things about you.

If you decide not to cover them up, most people wouldn't see them as something to be ashamed of. Scars tell stories, even if the stories aren't nice. It's a part of who you are, or something you went through before you got to where you are now.

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I had mine covered up. I'd assume most artists would be pretty understanding about it, since the idea of covering them up is pretty common.
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