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twitchy666 09-29-2019 12:07 AM

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shoddy planet
nothing works

what people say? alllll the, the, the & the same as evvvvverrryyyyyyyone elseyy... any particular theme remembered wanting to follow.. not displayed. disappeared? all does. same as any food wanted? all's gone. nothing ever existed. megahyperadvertised. life full of false temp perks & treats repeated.

so simple. TV show title false. whatever clearly labelled, turns up as basic standard regular repeated easily recognisable antique roadyshows, quizzy shows junk gets in front of substitute.. cos any sport comes first?
producer failed?

Alll opening hours vitally professed ... all shut! at random. no surprise. any other disappointments at plankton level? please demo / illustrate more.

empty supermarket shelves?

probably the most negative person? swarmed by too much YOU & U & U & U & U & & U has ▀eeeeeeeeean unnnsucccesssul ON not just THIS occasion. ALLL every other occasion ever unforrtoonate.. 0:)

capable of mocking everything, everyone, their mistakes. sarcasm root beginningz. how a manky machine wouldn't start? keep retry. ▀lame software for everything. no weather situation every properly predicted ever. all most panic of floods and disasters which never happened. finance the primary cardinal index?

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