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Loneliness in the classroom

I just want to ask you guys, what do you guys do when you find yourself suddenly being the only one sitting alone when everyone else is sitting in pairs/groups? Post here. This happens to me in Science class all the time. The teacher never gives a **** about where we sit and she lets us sit everywhere we want. Because no one is a close friend with me there, I suddenly find myself sitting alone while everyone else is happilly sitting in their groups, and I have no idea what to do.
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I prefer sitting alone. When there's group work, it becomes a problem though. One time I found myself working alone when the teacher said groups of 4 or 5. Other times a group usually invites me in.
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I did that all the time. Unless you can make friends in that class that isn't going to change. I just tried to enjoy my privacy, usually the other kids I would sit by would hinder my learning experience by "asking for answers" or just being annoying by constantly talking about nonsense during class . So basically, if you don't like it you should try to make a friend or 2 in the class
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I'm 22 and currently in my third year of university. Since school I have always been the one who is alone while everyone else is pairing up, and one of the most horrible, lonely experiences you can have as a student. In my classes now I'm always alone and dread group work because I'm always the one without a group. During lectures I sit alone, people leave 5 seat gaps between them and myself, all around me there are groups of friends talking and chatting...and I'm just there silent and alone, as usual. Uni isn't supposed to be this lonely :-(
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What I did was just work alone or wait till someone invites me in. Most of the people that invited me only wanted to use me for answers.

I realized people aren't going to come up to you and ask you to join them, you have to go up to them. It's alot easier said than done though.
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