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Leave me alone please......

This is so embarrassing. I was at the bus stop the other night calling for travel info to see when the next bus was coming. Two people were approaching me to ask the time and I was really annoyed because I was trying to listen to the operator.

When I finally got off the phone, the male started asking me what bus goes to a certain stop. He seemed to have trouble comprehending my simple a** answer. Due to my anxiety and apparent lack of discretion that overcomes me when I am caught on the spot, I told him I was going to the grocery store to kill time B4 the next bus.

This guy ends up following me!!!! He seemed very unstable; he was cursing, rapping some random verses and overall acting like an a-hole. He walked all the way into the store w/me. He followed me into every aisle. My mind went blank as I thought about what to say. I politely told him that I wanted to shop alone and that he was gonna miss his bus, but he didn't seem to care. I walked quickly, ignored him and ducked into the women's washroom to lose him.UGH>

I hate people. I feel embarrassed that I didn't threaten to call the police. I was irritable from getting off work and I didn't want to be bothered.
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D*mn. Some people just don't get it, I guess.

I would never, ever advocate resorting to violence on this or any other forum. I think in this case if it was me I would have to try really, really hard to keep from punching him right in the *****ing grill.

I know where you're coming from. At the end of a 10 hour day at my stressful job, the last thing I want is somebody playing games. I've had a few people at my work try that, people that have caught on to the fact that I'm a loner & just wanta be left alone usually, and they've had this "let's mess with his head" attitude, like it's a game. I usually don't get ugly with people & I avoid confrontations at all costs, except in cases like that.
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He probably has some kind of mental condition. From my experiences, I can say that you will encounter a person like that every now and then if you ride the bus long enough.
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Oh god lol that must of been scary.

Next time you should bring an Ipod or something so people will see your lisening to music and hopefully wont botther you.

lol it's like having a homeless puppy follow you around. Only that the puppy is cursing and rapping some random verses.
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That dude had something wrong with him. Normal people don't do things like that. Sounds like he was doing a very terrible job at stalking you.
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That sounds like a rather irritating (and kinda scary) experience. Yikes :/

That's happened to me one or two times in the past...the first time, I was waiting for a bus too (but a school bus...I was still in high school)...some guy wouldn't leave me alone, and though I kept changing seats on the mostly empty bus, he kept sitting down next to me, asking me questions and pretty much creeping me out. When I got to my stop, and he started to follow me off the bus, I just turned around really abruptly, and gave him the most threatening stare that I could muster...well, that actually worked, because I've got a knack for staring threateningly

If you aren't opposed to scaring them back a bit, just try something like that if it happens again...it's quite effective, and they'll leave you alone for sure

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Bunnie, just a quick thought about all of that. Obviously, as stated before, there was something really wrong with him. I've had my share of experiences with people like that. Did you kind of get the feeling he was not there when he was performing for you?

Ignore as a rule, but if you feel physically threatened, get others attention, let them know your in extreme distress by screaming. It might seem hard to do. I suggest some pepper spray, if you can get that. Fox Labs-Mean Green. Personal experience with that is why I suggest it.
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I'd probably find that kind of funny, but only because I'm a guy, so it would be more "wtf?" than threatening.

Yes, there's a lot of mentally unstable people on public transport. I mean beyond anxiety/depression. It can be a bit freaky if you're alone, it's late and there's noone else on the train.
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Originally Posted by shyvr6 View Post
He probably has some kind of mental condition. From my experiences, I can say that you will encounter a person like that every now and then if you ride the bus long enough.
Oh yes. Public transport is their easiest way of finding a target to stalk. I have seen it happening to guys too
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