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Knowing zero do you survive?

I've known ZERO people for about six years now. I've met a lot of *******s I have to deal with in work settings, sure, but I've also spent years in utter isolation. This is in part because of how intolerant my home state feels some times. And now I work at a job that feels increasingly dangerous and I realized I don't have any friends to blow off steam with, or any connections to get me out of all these horrible manual, dead-end jobs I keep winding up with. Does anybody else worry about surviving without any connections or support?

Having SA feels like being a scratched up LP that keeps getting stuck at exactly 10 seconds into Track 02.
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Exactly I know zero people and in a situation too bad to describe. Survive like being in a prison and suffer all of the time, to the point of worse than biological symptoms like akathisia and insomnia. I became totally dysfunctional
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There are a few people I've been spending time with on my trip and it's a nice change from my usual isolation. I have no idea how to keep it going once I get back, though. And I'll really miss it if I go back to being alone after this. Making friends seems to come so naturally for other people. I might try volunteer work or a hiking club or yoga class when I get back.
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I've known zero people pretty much for most of my life so I'm used to it. I don't want to have friends anyway.
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Nah people are horrible. You're much better off by yourself.
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I have some support in a sense, but there are some things that I don't have anyone I can talk to about and that's difficult. Cutting myself off from everyone is basically necessary though and I should minimise communication even further.

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This is why I quit my last job. I had no friends at all, so I didn't have anything to talk about, plus I got depressed of having no life. My schedule was basically work -> home -> work -> etc
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Me too. But being a schizoid I don't care at all. Socialising for me is just like starring at an empty wall. Being bored though can be a serious problem.
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all I need is a cute girl and I'll survive. or a group of cute girls I could be friends with. I don't want guy friends. unless they are cute, and not too masculine.
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