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Joined to a lot of forums, havent met much people to talk

Lot of times, I just cant believe how come that seems just impossible to find people to talk to through internet.

Ive joined to a lot of depression forums and related forums (like this), I spend a couple hours reading the forums, but at the end I think is better to watch a movie to pass out and sleep.

When I had the idea to start looking into internet forums to find other people with depression to chat, I thought to find people with things in common, other who also suffer from loneliness, but sometimes this seems just useless. Its a bit hard to believe to me. Also joined to every facebook depression group, and I regularly post messages to see if theres who also joined because deal with loneliness, those are more than useless.

I thought to find interesting people in depression forums, but all seems so flat.

Does any feels the same problem here ?
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Yeah. Weird how hard it is to find people to talk to online. The stuff I need to talk about is stuff I can't talk about with people who know me, so something like FB is just kind of useless to me. But I don't really have a lot of time to talk anyway. I somehow manage to be both busy and lonely at the same time.

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You can post whatever you want as much as you want here. It seems pretty active cause crisis lines are down, at least where I am. I've been posting here all day for two days talking about very disturbing things. If no one responds to a post it's ok just try something else or post on an already posted post. Lol. My aspergers is showing.

No violent fantasies, no attacks or nothing you wouldn't say to the subjects face if they were right there. This is more limited than you're therapist. You'll get a message if you did something wrong. I've got two infractions and I haven't been banned yet because they weren't repeated.

I believe depression is linked to anxiety but depression is more hormonal and anxiety is more of a lack of hormones so be aware if people seem different than you.

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