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It's making me cry.....

Hello guys, I dont know if anyone else on this forum does this but I maladaptive daydream. The best way I can describe maladaptive daydreaming is when you create scenarios or stories in your head and have genuine emotions behind them as if they happened for real. My maladaptive daydreams make me cry and I hate it. I know they are not real but they make me cry and put me in a depressed mood. I asked my councilors if this was normal and all of them seemed to not have any issues with. Also in my stories, there are characters and sometimes I pretend to be those characters and and move my lips as if those characters are talking. It makes me look like I'm talking to myself. I try to stop but it just comes out of nowhere....
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That's pretty incredible and interesting. Sounds like you have a strong imagination. That also sounds like it would make someone socially anxious as well.
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I think that's pretty cool, honestly. BUT i have bad SA so i can see where not having control over it can become overwhelming. do you feel embarrassed by it when someone notices or says something about it?

i also have a very active imagination, i create fake scenarios, they can feel real.
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I have same problem but when u have a bad life with no social life its good.
Dreaming helping sometimes
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