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Insulting people

It seems like the more I like someone the more unnatural I am with them. And then it's only a matter of time before I say something that comes across as rude, dismissive or insulting. Just happened on another forum where someone shared something personal in response to something I said. I really didn't want to answer for fear of saying the wrong thing, but I thought silence would be ruder in the end. So I made a ****ty comment and they stopped participating in the thread. I wish so badly that I could just converse and respond to people and not make us both (or at least myself) feel like total ****.
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Meh, I do it kinda regularly. Mostly as a defensive strategy to put people down who would otherwise insult me. I notice I'm an easy target for bullying unless I act like kind of a dick
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My personality is off-putting online and in real life. There is a fine line between being a total jerk and being funny. I think it helps to be kinda a dick, to where you poke fun at things or people, but i have not mastered how to do that. The most popular people often throw people under the bus, they just do it in a way that is somehow acceptable to their moron friends. I think even saying things in a way that you don't offend people is a skill you have to master, i just am too old and tired and run down to care enough to even think of trying to correct any of my inadequate way of communicating with people. I partly don't care, and partly don't think i have it in me.
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