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i want you to speak when i ask questions

omg, what is it with teachers and participation? so, the other day i'm walking to the parking garage and i see my english professor and as i'm walking by i stop and say have a nice weekend blah blah and she's like "you're so quiet" and right away i know what she's talking about.. i didn't raise my hand in class that day oh wow i am so sorry...so i'm like "ok i'll make sure to raise my hand next time" since it obviously bothers her so much. so in my head i'm like ok cool i'll answer questions next time. so next class comes and we're doing our work she assigned us and as we're finishing up she comes over to my desk and says "when we're discussing the work, i want you to speak when i ask questions." I KNOW YOU ALREADY ****ING TOLD ME THE OTHER DAY YOU STUPID *****. and she had to tell me when it was silent so i'm pretty sure the people around me heard her. and i don't know that just pisses me off number one because i was all ready to answer questions but now i feel like she's picking on me. so in my head i'm like **** you, i'll answer questions when i feel like it you stupid *****. don't tell me what to do. what really bothers me is i'm not the only one that doesn't raise their hand and participates so now i know there's something she doesn't like about me.

do your guys' professors and teachers tell you that you need to participate even though there are other people in the class who don't participate?..... like i don't get it. if you're gonna tell me to participate then tell the other people to participate too, don't ****ing single me out like that. it's like they know we have SA or something. that's why they like to pick on us to make us feel like ****.
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Could it be that she values your opinion more than the other quiet people and is eager for you to contribute as she feels you'd bring a different perspective to the discussion?
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yeah, I have a similar situation, so I can relate. Today, my professor posted participation grades and I saw my score was 2 points out of 15 points! I had participated the other day and all I got was 2 freakin points! I could tell that she didnt like me because when I was speaking, she gave me like a dirty look. She doesnt realize how hard it is for me to speak in front of people. She just acted like a complete bonehead and completely ignored my thoughts about the subject.

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