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I think

my agression will never perish until I fulfill my potential and no pills can make me better without succeeding in life.
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Its dawn here
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i agree about myself..this chapter is going to repeat till m alive..nothing can cure me..
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Then i wish you the best of luck in your endeavour towards success.
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Originally Posted by princessdarkness View Post
my agression will never perish until I fulfill my potential and no pills can make me better without succeeding in life.
I don't know much about anything, but it sounds to me like you are putting an over-emphasis on the destination (instead of focusing on the journey). Many people do this in this day and age...dreaming about how much better life will be in the future when things are significantly different.

There comes a point when one realizes that if one wants positive change in life, one typically has to bring it about oneself. Many people spend their whole lives waiting for something to change, before realizing that they have grown old.

One will never reach one's full potential. This is a simple fact of life. If one spends one's time improving their skill in a particular area, one is at the same time prevented from improving a different skill. Even if one had infinite time to "achieve their potential", I believe many people would never be satisfied.

I'm not sure what you mean by "succeeding in life," but that is one of the beautiful things about the notion of success. One can define it however one wishes. For many people, success is a good job and a lot of money. People that search for lasting peace through money are rarely satisfied. Money can provide temporary pleasure and/or distraction, but such is not lasting. Our consumer-driven society makes this a difficult concept for many to understand, and understandably so.

Freedom from greed; freedom from desire. These are the sorts of things that I believe bring about lasting peace. Achieving inner-peace is what I consider success. There are many paths to happiness, however the path laid out by consumerism appears empty and hollow to me.
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indecisive piece of ****
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This was my mindset for the longest time and, basically, it still is. I almost feel like taking medication is accepting defeat, that whatever I have is beyond me. Only time will tell.



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"I will not be attached to any douchebags, because the common human is mostly a douchebag."

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If penises are giving you organisms frequently, you should try using contraception.
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Originally Posted by candiedsky View Post
whatever I have is beyond me
This emphasis on diagnosing "illnesses" is one way that I believe modern psychology is taking the wrong approach. It leads to negative self-fulfilling prophecies. Sure, we humans love to label things, but labels are simply that. Labels do not exist outside of our minds. In reality, things just are. Things have unfolded the way they have, and now we are here.

If one looks closely enough, one will find attachment at the root of all suffering (in its various forms). Certainly it is the cause of suffering when it comes to social anxiety. In my own experience, social anxiety is the result of attachment to how I'm perceived by others (although I tell myself that I don't care what anybody else thinks). If one were to name individual people, I could remain honest while saying "I don't care what that person thinks about me."

However, my anxiety results from feeling as though I am being perceived as a "freak." This is because I identify myself as the being (person) that others see. When in reality, who I am is not dependent on how others perceive me. It is attachment to this idea of a self as defined by others that causes me suffering.

So I'm finding relief in non-attachment through mindfulness, meditation, and reading some eastern-philosophy on non-attachment (What The Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula is a very good book that explains Buddhist philosophy without any sort of religion or mysticism, and is compatible with most faiths/beliefs).
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