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i need a job! i'm so bored.

i want to cry. most days i wake up with no purpose and some days i intentionally sleep in just so to waste time so i don't have to spend the rest of the day being bored out of my mind.

i do plan to study but i have to wait for the next semester and i volunteer one day a week right now. i've applied to other volunteering positions. i want to occupy myself and help people along the way and maybe i can network as well which will lead to opportunities.

i go to job search twice a week as part of the agreement for receiving benefits and that helps me with a better chance, but it's still hard.

after i quit my job in 2010 i spent a year and a half doing nothing and looking back i can't believe i let that time past by doing nothing and i mean absolutely nothing. i think i must have been depressed but didn't fully realised it because my inactivity didn't bother me as much as it does now.

i'm more confident and motivated now but i'm still stuck. i want to be able to come home from a hard day at work and relax. if i was pretty it would be easier for me to land a job because at least that would be a foot in the door. *sigh*

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Its dawn here
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i need a break from my job..it sucks..

i understand what it feels like just waking up for no purpose..i too get bored..
i was at a break an year before for a month n i felt so aimless.

I have a heart 14 years old!!!!!
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I know how you feel. I've been on unemployment for a little over six months now and its killing me waking up each day with absolutely nothing to do and no drive or motivation to do anything.

My SA and depression has kicked into overdrive over this course and is making it harder for me to get back into the workforce and a routine. All I want to do is sleep and forget about everything lately. Everything seems so overwhelming now its ridiculous.

Wish I had some positive reinforcement for you but reading this just made me realize how much I'm feeling the same way. Hang in there though, I'm hoping things will change but I know I need to take some kind of action in order for that to happen. Right now it's like I'm just sitting around waiting for something to change. Maybe I should go see a doctor.
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I felt the same way for a long time, I use to wake up after sleeping as long as possible and do nothing in particular for the rest of the day. It slowly begins to feel like your soul and zest for life is dieing off. I just got 2 part-time jobs a month ago, got fired from one got one left. I'm happy with just having one job now, it's less stressful. You just have to keep searching, apply to as many jobs online as possible, sooner or later 1 or 2 might answer, it takes perseverance though cause it might take a long while.
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I feel aimless after taking a week off of work. I was ready to go back after 4 days.
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soul, there are so many things you can do to keep yourself busy with. what do you like? personally i like programming, so i decided to learn how to make games for iphone "maybe someday i'll be able to make a game that actually sells".. but i decided to take some rest after booking a trip for underwater photography , now im just concentrating on my gym workout to look good in a diving suit lol "shrugs" pathetic i know, anyways..

now i keep myself busy by learning photoshop photo manipulation . its amazing when you can create a wonderful image from just normal images using your own imagination. my first was a falling angel, i asked a friend to pose for me , gave her wings, put her on a background and it turned out to be not bad for my first photo manipulation. if you want u can check it out on my page iseriouslysuckatart.deviantart.com

the point is, there are soooooooooooooooo many things you can keep yourself busy with you just need to find something you like, sports? , drawing? paintings? computer stuff? games? music? cooking? photography? find something or you're gonna end up going nutts..

LWR = living without regrets
im sorry if i dont reply to you when you talk to me in any threads, please pm if you need to tell me something cuz i rarely subscribe to threads
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Am i the only person doesn't feel anything, i do stuff not to stop boredom from setting in but more to pass the time otherwise i would literally be brain dead.

My life is a train wreck waiting to happen.
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I can empathize because I was unemployed from January to February this year... After two weeks I was in absolute despair and wanted to cry from the pointlessness of my days (now I cry from sadness of not spending as much time with my family due to work, but that's another story).

Stuff I did that helped were learning how to read Chinese-I already speak it and had basic literacy skills, but now I'm actually pretty fluent- and study Anatomy and Physiology as I'm going to nursing school this fall/next winter. Also learned Excel. Just little things that made me feel sort of productive.
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