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I messed up at a meeting today 😞

I had to speak at a meeting and didn’t do well at all. I forgot what I had to stay and repeated the same things over and over. If felt really embarrassing. Does this happen to anyone else?
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I'm better at it now, but years ago I spilt a whole bag of blood because I got nervous with people watching me work.
I was a labtech back then.
Today I'm a doctor.

So my fellow SA brethren, yes I know exactly what it's like when SA causes you to mess up at work....but I'm telling you, I'm living proof that it can get better if you push yourself.

Do not let SA stop you from achieving at work. You can control this. I KNOW you can !

Good luck out there.

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I do stuff like this all the time. Like constantly. I'm terrible at conference calls and meetings. I always talk too fast, repeat things, over explain things, go off on tangents and lose my train of thought, I'm generally awful at explaining anything, I run out of air when I'm talking, I don't segway well, suck with transitions, etc. Just a complete hot mess.

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lol that's nothing. Try standing in a room front of an entire classroom and your head starts shaking uncontrollably. That's EMBARRASSING!! What you had is something people forget in a couple days. What I had is something people will never forget whenever those people see me for ever.

It bothered me a lot at the time but I found out that the "uncontrollable shakes" I experienced was due to my severe nicotine gum addiction. I realized that consuming that stuff shorted something in my mind which in turn caused my head to shake whenever i felt large amounts of anxiety.

Ive stopped since and whenever I have to do that stuff, my head doesnt shake anymore but still was very very embarrassing. Id rather get my pants pulled down in public naked than go through something like that again. Thats trauma!!

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I just messed up in a meeting today too. I didn't have something prepared, which I didn't know it had to be prepared for the meeting, and then everyone was mad at me because I wasn't prepared. It was embarrassing and I ended up crying for a half hour afterwards. It's actually a little deal but I still feel like a piece of sh*#@
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