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I'm lazy as hell.

I have this week off work and I don't feel like doing nothing. All I been doing is video games and eating. I got stuff I could do but I don't feel like doing it. Can't even get myself to shower.
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It sounds like depression or something.
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or you could be malnourished, try taking supplements like iron or vitaminC


http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/...inder-1812713/ away to practise talking on the phone or just making a friend up to you
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yeah, had the last 3 days off and did nothing. Kinda sucks
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yeah i get that way way to often just gotta give yourself a kick up the butt

i feel the need the need for speed
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At least you have a job. I'm too lazy to get one of those so you;re doing better than me budday.

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Yeah, I can relate. For me, it's hard to be motivated to do anything when feeling bad, mentally. I have a really hard time shoving bad feelings out of my mind and just doing what I need to do.
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that happens to me too.
just start with completing one thing and you will feel better and want to do another thing.

Never Look Back and Never Give UP!
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I thought everyone here is lazy.
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thats depression bro, and it's insanely hard to beat. You do the things you feel like doing because it's the only way to be comfortable right now. Other people that have it easier can do the things they need to because they have something to fall back on.
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Sleep all day work in the evening story of my life. Your not alone.
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