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Haha I'm only fourteen and I can tell u already that i will be forever alone ah, whatevs. I got a while before I have to upset myself about that

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What is so bad about dying alone?
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Originally Posted by Who cares View Post
What is so bad about dying alone?

And what the hell is so good about dying alone? I'm more worried about living alone forever and never having friends again, dying a virgin and loveless. Nah who cares right?
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I know that feel OP. Nobody wants to go down without knowing what could have been, or what would have been. Everyone wants to explore the realms of the unknown, but some just don't got the luck/opportunity/circumstance to do so.

I'll possibly end it when I'm 30'ish

Let's see what the next 6 years brings to the table.

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Originally Posted by VanGogh View Post

Nothing says acceptance to a man more than a woman opening up her vagina to him.
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I know i am gonna end up alone, my siblings have got their own life's meanwhile ill will end up a miserable alcoholic **** knowing that my ideal job (which is something even i thought i would be able to do) is slowly slipping away from me and everyone i knew has left me behind.

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I know I'm only 19, but I already worry and think that I will be like that.
I hope that I'll meet someone, but the way I am at the moment, I just can't see it happening.
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here is my situation. i am 25 and i had just one girlfriend so far. yeah i slept with a few girls but none of them was serious. and the one that i had before it was not that serious as well. we just hang out 3 weeks. even not a month. i am kinda shy person and also i always got some fears about the girl that i would love. like if she left me or deceive me. i dont know guys but i feel like i am gonna die alone just near my beer bottle.
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Hey, im 20 and i live in denmark, my s.a.d. have brought me to a point where im depressed all the time because, i have never been with a girl and the amount of friends i have is close to zero, i work very hard everyday to get out of it because i really dont want to do this anymore, i also fear the thought of dieing alone, but im trying to convince myself that its all in my head and i need to move foward its just very hard with the image i have of my self, im trying to get fit in order to have some confidence, but its still hard, so my question is if anyone have any tips on how they have gained selfconfidence ? and if my english is not flawless i apologize its not my main language ;p
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Originally Posted by Fuzzy Logic View Post
I am not physically attractive, I have no interpersonal skills and have never kissed anyone before. I will never have the ability to deal with people needed to succeed professionally and will likely never leave my mothers house because I have no friends to move in with and cant bear the idea of living by myself some place. I am going to die a sad, lonely old virgin who has never experienced any kind of close attachment to another human being.

If I could just experience even one week of being with someone I might be able to live my life at least knowing I had experience love once, but I dont even think that will happen.
Sounds so much like me.I remember once was having a bad day and these were the exact same things i was thinking then i started to cry because the thought of being alone forever scares me more than dieing.
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Originally Posted by Who cares View Post
What is so bad about dying alone?
Nothing really. Even many people who have been married for 50 years die alone if their partner dies before them. The bad thing is continously being alone in your prime years with no one to share life with.
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I feel like I am.
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I know exactly how you feel, I have never had a boyfriend, never kissed anyone, my family hate me and most of the people I know only hang around with me out of pity. I am not at all even slightly pretty, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one going through this. Stay strong :3 I'm sure you will find someone soon, and I'm sure I will too
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Sad truth is everyone dies alone.
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