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I'm being yelled at

My parents are yelling at me because of my poor performance at school, but it's not easy, i don't have the will to study i feel lost and depressed, procrastinating, daydreaming, ****ing bull**** i don't know what to do yell back or destroy some object, idk what to do. I was ****ing bullied, they call me sensitive, ok so what the **** do i do ****kkkkkkk, So I'm not doing good at school i don't socialise a lot so what??? I live in nihilism so whatt??? What... future? What future?? **** fuxk fuxkkkkkkk''''kkk'kkkkkkk ****kkkkkkkk.
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Do you have possibly any secondary disorders? ADHD or other things, that could play a role

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Maybe a medication to help you focus. Also , don't be afraid to express yourself to your parents because i guarantee you that once you get older, those conversations are gonna be much different.
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Do not yell back or destroy stuff just because you're angry. Keep quiet and calm down. Only then you can make a decision to yell, destroy or find other solutions.
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Ah yes nothing shows a parents love more than giving their children Ptsd.

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