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Ugly side view

I have a pretty freaking ugly side view & it's ruining my life . I get nauseous and anxiety when I have to go to a function or out in public. I am looking into getting surgery ......my sister doesn't think that would solve my problem . People are rude & I can tell when someone's making fun of me & it makes me feel so ****ty . I honestly feel like punching them in the face .....but I don't .
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I look like a Dragonite from all angles, sadly.
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Lol, my nose is humongous so I look pretty bad from the side too.
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My chin and my nose look weird in profile and my face looks a lot fatter. Overall, I'm a lot uglier in profile, especially in pictures taken from the side.
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I'm always unhappy with my profile but I switch from thinking it's absolutely hideous top just unappealing. Everything is just way too round, my cheeks too big, my chin to small, jaw too high, my neck too big. Even when I was really skinny I had a double chin I was really self conscious about so I developed a habit of always letting my jaw hang down to try to hide it which it did but made my chin really round looking. Always have always been self conscious of my huge Adam's apple.
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I think my side view is particularly ugly too. I hated it to the point that my therapist diagnosed me with BDD, but looking back it's not that my profile isn't strange, it's just that I couldn't put it into words well so I ended up sounding like I was delusional. A combination of so many things... face too round, fat cheeks, small droopy eyes, etc... not to mention that even when I was 20 pounds underweight I still had a double chin, which I think will forever make me miserable. When I look at old pictures of when I was around 10 or so, my actual face pretty much haven't changed at all, I've just gotten taller. It makes me so depressed to know that even if I had the perfect body and dress really well, thanks to my face that I can't do anything about I'll always be considered ugly.
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I got the same problem. Am content with front look, but absolutely hate my side profile. I think my side view nose makes me look unsocial, grumpy and unapproachable. From the front I look cute I think but when I turn just a bit my nose ruins my face. I am quite content with my eyes and lips but just hate the side view nose. I think I could really improve a lot with a good nose job but as the social akward guy that I am I would be so annoyed with all the „did you do something to your nose"-questions and after all a real man doesn't get plastic surgery ya know (somehow I think that too I guess). My dad would be irritated too. He's an old school tough guy and since it's his nose I inherited (it looks better on his face though) I don't think he would be too happy about cosmetical surgery. I even thought about how it would be best to get in a fight and take a beating, so I could have an excuse to fix my nose lol. All in all a pretty **** situation.
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I do too. Ugly recessed chin and jaw issues makes my profile a terrible angle
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Trust me, I have the ugliest side profile here
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I have a fugged-up profile. I'm actually surprised that everyone hates their profile. Thought that was just me doing me.

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