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I'll ask my previous therapist (cognitive therapist) to ground me on Wed.

I'll say to him when I met him, "I'm fully functional. I'm just doing too much right now. I can do cognitive therapy on myself. I can do shadow work, and I can do archetype integration too. I do it every single day. I can grow to clinicial director position easily in 5 years time. I'm a person that likes to process every single interaction I have. I like to always process my thoughts. I want to become more whole, more loving, more accepting, more accepting of others, yahda yahda, yahda. I am a definition of a personal growth no one has. No one thinks like me. Who gives a fart what the American Psychological Association says about the ethics on this! Do you know how to facilitate growth? Do you know how to facilitate potential? You are dealing with a severe mental health advocate! You are dealing with a severe potential clinician that will always wants to become the most dynamic therapist there is. I know from a client's perspective what creates insight and understanding. I know what helps and what doesn't help. I know I would never strictly pathologize anyone. I would write diagnosis humanisticly. I only plan to work in community mental health. I want to reform this whole corrupt or to say not ideal mental health system in this country. Where is my potential? How am I suppose to facilitate this growth? How am I suppose to achieve this goal? And just more yahda, yahda, yahda! What is the meaning when a client says, I can grow 1,000,000 times faster if I had a therapist as a close friend. What other person can really understand the actual meaning behind therapy. What does that mean to you?"

Ok communication can be arrogant, direct, and forceful, but I can also do it the sensitive, caring, loving, concern, understanding way too you know. But still this ongoing problem is driving me nuts.

My classmates and campaign peers are cool but they just can't take me there. Only a therapist can, or a person that believes in my type of personal growth. Seriously!!!
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