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I honestly hate the weekends

First of all, I donít have friends or go to parties and events. So those things are worthless to me.

I get anxious when I donít do anything productive. I feel like Iím going to lose everything. God. Iíve just been alternating between pacing, applying to better jobs, cleaning, cuddling my cat, and trying to fix this damn tv my grandma dropped off for me. I also binged watched Carole and Tuesday and I absolutely loved it. When I saw that trailer on Netflix, it gave me the chills because of how beautiful it was. Iím that loneliest girl. I had to watch it. That was pretty much the highlight of my day. But for the most part, I havenít done crap.

I hate how so many damn things are closed for the weekend!!! So many business and services are closed for the weekend. Every damn thing is 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. I HATE THAT SCHEDULE GOD DAMN IT! You canít do anything important on weekends. It all has to wait until itís opened on Monday! UGHHH!! Not even this Monday since itís Labor Day.

If I were a business owner, Iíd open up more remote and night shift positions. We need more variation in jobs rather than this cursed Monday through Friday schedule.
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Do you live in a small town or something? It's pretty much banks and public services that are generally closed on weekends. Mum and Dad shops like small retail stores or even cafes probably have to pay weekend rates so that's maybe why they're closed, it can be pretty annoying though.

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Originally Posted by Cascades View Post
Do you live in a small town or something? It's pretty much banks and public services that are generally closed on weekends. Mum and Dad shops like small retail stores or even cafes probably have to pay weekend rates so that's maybe why they're closed, it can be pretty annoying though.
I mean like corporate businesses and offices, and yeah public services, support services, etc. A lot of clinics or doctors that accept my insurance are also closed on the weekends. Fortunately I do all my banking either online or through the ATMs which are available at almost all times.

I donít care about grocery stores or anything. I go to the same 24/7 one and I get everything I need there.
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do you have a job that you "only" work on Mon to Fri? if you want to try a different job, then try working in catering or food-related work or just somewhere that does business 7-days-a-week, then there's more chance that you can get work at the weekends and then not be stuck at home on the weekend so much and you're being productive adn not alone.

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The weekends are the only time I get to let loose and relax.

I don't have to worry about my mind-numbing job where I'm practically flying by the seat of my pants. It's nerve-wracking and slowly eating me alive.

I wouldn't mind it as much if I wasn't so damn lousy at small talk and building such minor colleague relationships. All I have to do is carry on the mindless chatter but do you think I can even keep that up? No!

To make it worse, I've pretty much picked up a reputation now for being the "awkward guy who doesn't talk to everyone in the office 24/7". God forbid I forget to smile during somethingóchrist!

The reason I'm certain of the above is all based on observations I've made for the past 4 months of interacting with coworkers and the like. Body language is a very particular thing that's quite easy to pick up on and just as easy to conjure up some confirmation on.

Every single instance I can recall has ended with the other person making some weird, awkward facial expression without looking at me. It's like I'm doing something wrong when all I'm trying to do is my job.

Why I have to also juggle around all the political bull**** that goes around shouldn't be my problem. Honestly, I'm lucky I even have an office where I can at least hide away.

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Although I don't do much on most weekends, it's a nice break from tedious work.
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I love the weekends, mostly I don't do anything during it... Sometimes I don't even need to do anything during them lol...

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Still better than working.
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I have similar dislike of them. Everywhere is crowded on weekends since it seems everyone is off at the same time, so I can't enjoy things as much as usual. Not that I really go out much, but when I do, it's an anxiety trigger for me. It feels like everyone is at the store on the weekends too, entire families, and I just can't handle it. I'm also mildly agoraphobic so I try to avoid these peak-people periods obsessively lol. A lot of parks and areas I like to visit are crowded on weekends too. Also when I'd try to make appointments, weekends are hopeless since most things are closed (doctors offices). I bank through a credit union that has no hours on the weekend, so if I need anything I'm stuck until the weekend is over and if it's a holiday weekend it feels like forever.

Also in general, places seem to close too early for my liking. I'm a night owl and it'd be nice in an anxiety friendly world where certain places had evening hours, especially since it's hot as all hell here 9 months out of the year, so you want to avoid having to trek around anywhere during the day. I'm basically a 24/7 errand girl anymore so it's another obsessive thing of mine, picking that prime time during the day or night to take care of things lol.

But I don't really hate weekends, it's just a mild irritation when I need to take care of something and realize what day it is.
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Instead of filling that weekend slot slaving away at a loe paying job think of a way out of minimum wage jobs by getting a higher paying one( trade ect..)
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I feel that way too a lot of the time ó too anxious to go out and do things, but too stressed and feeling like I should be doing more when I stay at home.

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If I don't have anything to do I hate the weekends. Makes you realise how lonely you indeed are.

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I have honestly never hated the weekends even though most of my weekends have been limited in their capacity to please me to any great extent.

Mostly (if and when I have had a job or school or something) I existed for time off even if it wasn't awesome. I have never been depressed about having time to sit on my ***.

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I don't care much for weekends either. I like being in my routine during the week. Weekends are kind of depressing. Everything's closed, everyone's away, business slows down, everywhere you go is crowded. It's nice not having any work obligations though.
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