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I hate life, I hate living

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Tired and frustated. Still cant crack the riddle for socialization.
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I Am Second
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Join the club, just make the best of it for the time being.

~ How can I build Your kingdom if I'm building my own
How can You be my treasure if I'm digging for gold
How can You be my fire if my heart has grown cold
How can You be my future if I've made this my home ~ Love & the Outcome
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You're not alone.
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Hiring Assassin's
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I hate my life too. I don't want to hate living entirely because I know it could get better.

If I could snap my fingers and have a) a job b) enough money to move out and c) not be plauged with anxious, crippling thoughts over every single little thing that involved another human being (even online!!!)....

God, I'd be so ****ing happy.
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Me too, me too. But that is not acceptable by society's standards. We must get out there and see the world for its beauty and awesomeness. How can we not love life? Life is a gift! ... And you know what else? How many parents out there can honestly say they gave careful deliberation to the welfare of their child before bringing them into existence? It seems that when most parents give an explanation for having kids or why kids are great, it's always about how it makes THEM feel. What about us? We're the example of what can go wrong. Depression. Suicidal tendencies. Drug abuse. Just some unfortunate examples of an entire plethora of how procreating can totally backfire. It's not even playing with fire. It's a whole other level.
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sam3 19 almost 20 years old with very little to show for it, most importantly though i'm not happy and don't enjoy things as much

tell us a bit more about yourself if you want, we are here to suppor ye
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JUST DO IT, ******
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Here's some Schopenhauer to lighten the mood:

The scenes of our life are like pictures in rough mosaic, which have no effect at close quarters, but must be looked at from a distance in order to discern their beauty. So that to obtain something we have desired is to find out that it is worthless; we are always living in expectation of better things, while, at the same time, we often repent and long for things that belong to the past. We accept the present as something that is only temporary, and regard it only as a means to accomplish our aim. So that most people will find if they look back when their life is at an end, that they have lived their lifelong ad interim, and they will be surprised to find that something they allowed to pass by unnoticed and unenjoyed was just their life that is to say, it was the very thing in the expectation of which they lived. And so it may be said of man in general that, befooled by hope, he dances into the arms of death.
That human life must be a kind of mistake is sufficiently clear from the fact that man is a compound of needs, which are difficult to satisfy; moreover, if they are satisfied, all he is granted is a state of painlessness, in which he can only give himself up to boredom. This is a precise proof that existence in itself has no value, since boredom is merely the feeling of the emptiness of life. If, for instance, life, the longing for which constitutes our very being, had in itself any positive and real value, boredom could not exist; mere existence in itself would supply us with everything, and therefore satisfy us. But our existence would not be a joyous thing unless we were striving after something; distance and obstacles to be overcome then represent our aim as something that would satisfy us an illusion which vanishes when our aim has been attained; or when we are engaged in something that is of a purely intellectual nature, when, in reality, we have retired from the world, so that we may observe it from the outside, like spectators at a theatre. Even sensual pleasure itself is nothing but a continual striving, which ceases directly its aim is attained. As soon as we are not engaged in one of these two ways, but thrown back on existence itself, we are convinced of the emptiness and worthlessness of it; and this it is we call boredom. That innate and ineradicable craving for what is out of the common proves how glad we are to have the natural and tedious course of things interrupted. Even the pomp and splendour of the rich in their stately castles is at bottom nothing but a futile attempt to escape the very essence of existence, misery.
And how different the beginning of our life is to the end! The former is made up of deluded hopes, sensual enjoyment, while the latter is pursued by bodily decay and the odour of death.
The road dividing the two, as far as our well-being and enjoyment of life are concerned, is downhill; the dreaminess of childhood, the joyousness of youth, the troubles of middle age, the infirmity and frequent misery of old age, the agonies of our last illness, and finally the struggle with death do all these not make one feel that existence is nothing but a mistake, the consequences of which are becoming gradually more and more obvious?
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yup, yup, yup, yup.yup... I often say the good ole line "FML" It helps to laugh it off.

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Originally Posted by boas View Post
Here's some Schopenhauer to lighten the mood:
That first passage is so true. I wonder what people were saying to Schopenhauer.

"Arthur, dude, u just need 2 get out and be more confident. YOLO"
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i don't know if i would go as far as saying i hate living, even in my most sour mood im glad im here, i just want things to be different and for life to make sense,

i love life it just frustrates me at time's, not knowing who i am or what i want makes thing 100 times worse aswell

but like i said.... on my worst days,, i'm smoking bongs and *****ing on the internet, my life could be worse, and i don't mean that in the annoying hippy way.....

i'm just saying i really, truly am grateful for what i have, i just wish i could make better use of my situation but im not strong or smart enough to do it.... really frustrating
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Find things you are passionate about to live for. For me it's porn and masturbation.
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rotting away in pain
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Originally Posted by boas View Post
Here's some Schopenhauer to lighten the mood:

schopenhauer is legit.. my fave philosopher.
i bet hes autistic.
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Saaame. :/ You're not alone.
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Inoffensive kitty pic
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Originally Posted by boas View Post
Here's some Schopenhauer to lighten the mood:
Schopenhauer? Dude was WHACK.

Dat what Nietzsche said.


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I hate life because it feels like one big chore.
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happy i dodged a bullet
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Originally Posted by LadyApathy View Post
I hate life because it feels like one big chore.
But you're getting married 💑. 😊...how can you be sad at a time like this ? 😃

🎵I wake up everyday celebrating sh(I)t why? BC I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b(I)tch🎵 I realized I cant fix broken people...i tried.. I cant help someone who wont take accountability.for where they went wrong...but its okay..bc I'll always be fine. No sleep will be lost, ....the video below is me, basically.

Always thank someone for showing their true colors.. Now you see them for who them are and can cut them off
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