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I hate.....

1. I hate not being able to talk to my family
2. I hate not being able to hold a decent conversation with anyone.
3. I hate being scared to drive my friend home from a get together because I
don't know what to talk about in the car.
4. I hate that I never have a witty reply to the thousands of annoying comments I get a day.
5. I hate having awkward body movements
6. I hate sounding weird when I talk
7. I hate the dead silence after I kill a conversation
8. I hate my personality(Introvert)(ISTP)
9. I hate that I'm the only one that sucks in my family
10. I hate that I'm to scared to call my friends
11. I hate that all my conversations on the phone are awkward and I never know what to say
12. I hate that my siblings can talk to relatives on the phone and I can't
13. I hate when people call me weird just because I'm quite
14. I hate that I never know what to say to anyone
15. I hate that I haven't enjoyed one moment of my life since I was 12 years old.
16. I hate that I will never be normal
17. I hate that my whole life is forced
18. I hate that having fun with friends is work for me
19. I hate when friends constantly make sarcastic jokes about me
20. I hate going to work because I don't know how to joke around with the other guys
21. I hate not being able to dance, catch the latest funny phrases, and use family guy quotes.
22. I hate not being able to audibly comprehend what people are saying, especially if there is even the smallest amount of background noise
23. I hate when one of my friends makes me feel so low when that happens
24. I hate not being able to talk to girls
25. I hate being boring
26. I hate being scared to say hi to my friend's parents
27. I hate having a blank mind
28. I hate that you have no choice
29. I hate that there is nothing I can do, I will always be this way until I die
30. I hate that my kind of personality is just thrown into the world just to make it different; not to make it better
31. I hate the feeling that I am worthless to my parents and to the world
32. I hate that no one gets it that somethings are freaking genetic, and you can't change that crap.
33. I hate that my personality, even though I could be jumping out of airplanes, shooting paintball guns, and flying around in jetbacks, makes everything seem boring.
34. I hate that everyone has something to say after a movie and I don't
35. I hate when I just absolutely don't feel like talking and it's more painful then nails in my skull just to utter one word.
36. I hate that I've lost so many friends because I can't talk to them
37. I hate that I don't know how to handle myself and end up just looking like a dork
38. I hate that this one guy I rode bikes with had another guy call me to ride because he knew I was so awkward on the phone.
39. I hate that I suck at being social
40. I hate that most everything you do requires socializing
41. I hate feeling so awkward being alone with one of my parents or siblings because I don't know what to say.
42. I hate that I get scared to be alone with someone and am relieved when someone else comes back so they can entertain the other person
43. I hate that I get good grades but feel dumb anyways
44. I hate being a social outcast, loser, suck-at-life bumb, who just fails at everything.

Alright I'm done. Your turn?
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ditto...although I can't bring myself to drive yet...
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You are the male version of me.....
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Agreed in all, except where you live. That you don't hate I'm sure
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I can relate to every single point.
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this is quite a productive thread... :S

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I can relate to everything you said.
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45. I hate that often people think I'm cold or snob when in fact I'm just very shy and craving for more compagny...

Relationships. Sure there are plenty of other fish in the sea. But you're not anywhere near the sea. You're in the desert. Alone.
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_dealing with my depression
_pple give up on me because they don't want to deal with me
_being truely alone in this world

" You were deceived. And now, your Republic shall fall. "
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Wow, you described me perfectly...
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Holy **** dude. I really could have written that myself. I think the same **** like everyday- like 90% of that runs through my head every day- I go through the same **** all the time- the family ****, the stuff at work. It's painful, all of it.

This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.
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This is accurate for me too D:
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Damn, I'm surprised this thread didn't get more replies than it did. That was an awesome list! Really gave me perspective on things in my life.
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I can relate to so many of those points
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thats true right there especially the family thing. its so ****ed up not "knowing" how to socialize with even your family. Unfortunately and fortunately, Opiates solve the problem for me sometimes temporarily or long term like getting a job. But don't try opiates seriously you get in a worse state after you run out.
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I have to say, probably less than half of that really even applies to me... eh, guess its how hard im being on myself at the time. Well i feel for you.

A cat is fine too
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-shutting people out because im afraid they might hurt me at some point
-constantly feeling like I shouldn't join in on conversations because my opinions dont matter
-being unable to talk about my feelings with anyone i know
-constantly relapsing into depression after every single bad social experience
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I hate not being able to answer questions in front of the class, even though everyone gets it wrong and I ALWAYS know the correct answer.

I hate feeling as if I'm not the real me because my brain is 'broken'.

I hate going home and crying after I get faced with a stressful social situation and just breaking down, It happens often.

The only thing I can say I love is that I have all of the people online who are supportive, positive and encourage me to try in life, When I come home crying these forums are all that makes me feel better.
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I hate how I how I moved from a small town to a huge city in the effort to make friends, only to isolate myself even further, missing the people I do have back at home.
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