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I fell in to people pleasing...

I am sick with myself. I never wanted to be the kind of person to disobey my parents, and I did it majorly today.

My friend and I wanted to go to the mall, and my friend's friend who I had never met before offered to drive us this afternoon after sleeping over the night before.

To go to this mall, we would have to go on the interstate, and between the fact that my friend's friend would be both tired, and a teenager on the interstate, my mom told me I couldn't go unless my friend's mom was there.

I had planned to obey her, I asked my friend if her mom would be in the car and she said yes. So when my mom dropped me off, I assumed that I would be obeying her.

My mom and I were an hour and a half late to my friend's house because of some drama within the family, so when we arrived I felt terrible for keeping both my friend and her friend late.

I apologized, and as we climbed into my friend's car, I realized that my friend's mom was missing.

Could I have said something? Yes. Could I have called my mom and asked if I could go with them without the adult in the car? Yes.

But I ignored all of the above and left with them.

When we were driving on the interstate, with the bass pounding and all, I felt like an idiot. Guilty, and stupid, and wrong.

Understandably, when my mom found out what I had done, she was disappointed and upset.

My friend later texted me, on the car ride to the mall after I had gotten into the car, to inform me her mom would be running errands and not actually in the car.

I should have said something, but I didn't want to look like the goody goody, and I didn't want to complicate things further, so I went along with them and decided to keep my mouth shut.

I feel like such an idiot, so immature. My question is, have you ever disobeyed your parents to this extent, or like this? How did you move on, and prevent yourself from making the same stupid decision again?

"I didn't say it was easy, I said it was worth it."

"I will fear no evil...for You are with me..."
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Yes I have did that once and my father was mad, very mad.

It was back in 2009, I was 16. The only acquaintance I knew at school invited me to participate to an event that was some kind of tournament organized by a local video games retail store. It was the night Call of Duty: MW2 came out. He really did insist so that I would accept, which I did.

This evening when I was going to go to the local store (not so local since it was at 30KM) for the tournament, I simply told my father what I was going to do and I was on my was to freely do it, when he asked me: "Where the hell you think you are going?"

I was then going to call this acquaintance to tell him I could not make it, while an impulsion emerged, I then promptly took a run in the house then took my car and drove there.

The saddest part in this story is that when I came in front of the store, my anxiety kicked in, I just could not go inside, there were too much people and the mere thought of everyone looking at me when entering frightened me.

You cannot know how anxious I was on the way back. When I finally arrived, my Xbox was gone and I did not saw it for three months.

Before that event, I never did something that foolish nor did I afterward.
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I can definitely relate to your story, both on the disobedience and anxiety aspects! Thank you for sharing, I don't think I will be engaging in something that foolish again either.

"I didn't say it was easy, I said it was worth it."

"I will fear no evil...for You are with me..."
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