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I feel like I'm taking two steps forward and one step back

I feel like every time I start to make progress, I seem to pull myself back into the anxiety. Like every time I start to get comfortable, I tell myself things that make the anxiety return.

Can anybody relate to this?

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my roommate is like this. she has general anxiety, and she'll usually worry intensely about one thing for a long time, until she finally gets over it. but instead of staying calm, she feels like because she has nothing to worry about, that something bad is about to happen, and develops a new anxiety.
it sounds exhausting :/ i feel the same way about SA. whenever i start to feel 'too' comfortable in social situations, i have a backlash of self-consciousness and relapse back into my anxiety.
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That happens to me alot, never really understood why. But, hope that when you take that one step back, you'll eventually take another two steps forward. At least, you're making progress..

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Do you mean one step forward? That doesn't sound bad to me.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself, but any progress is good. Setbacks are inevitable but necessary.
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That's not such a bad thing at least it's not one step forward two steps back.
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In that boat right now with ya. I have GAD along with SA which makes the good times hard to come by some days. Been the story of my life for the last couple years actually but like Alfred says ... why do we fall down? so we can pick ourselves back up.

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I have had a similar feeling...

But for me, my whole life has seemingly been two step forward and five or more steps back. No matter what I do, I never get ahead. I have just accepted it. I just try to get through each day.
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