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I feel desperate

Maybe it can improve with time , but

To resume,

i had a surgery on my face to fix a problem i had. It did fixed the problem well, but then I scratched my skin next to it using a special oil, to make sure there would be no blemishes.... after the skin healed (after 1 week ), it made a blemish. Even tho it kinda faded a lot during the upcoming months, it still looks ugly.

Its ugly and my confidence is really low.

I cant date girls i like because of how i look.

I look myself in my phone's camera and its just kinda ugly/weird looking sometimes .

I feel alone in all this, because most of the guys i ever see always look normal. The girls that im attracted to , well they never are interested in me. They are always interested in other guys.

I just feel abandoned by God, because im 26 and i want to finally be happy. Be happy is mostly just be normal/be happy in your own skin. but no, i still gotta hide myself in my room, i still gotta live a dark life because of that.

Yes i do go out , but just to go work. beside the work, i never do a thing during the weekends. Like i avoid public places as much as possible, because theres many pretty girls there and i know i just look ugly to them.

Even if i would go to public places, it would give me no reasons.
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