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I dont get myself.....

Hey guys, so this post will probably sound pretty vague and hard to understand but I will explain it to the best of my abilities. Alot of times I feel like I dont really know myself. I feel like I dont really know what I want in life. Even little decisions that dont matter confuse me. Such as whether I want a donut or ice cream. I cant decide. I also dont really know if I'm smart or creative or not. I find myself comparing me to other people to see how I measure up. Also very few activities make me happy anymore. I used to appreciate the little things such as hot chocolate on a rainy day but it doesnt do anything fo me. What are your thoughts?
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Yeah I can relate to this, I can't enjoy the activities or hobbies that I've really enjoyed in my past, or if I do enjoy them, I lose interest them very quickly. For example I used to be able to play guitar for hours at a time, now I do well to have half an hour before I get fed up of it.

It's almost like I get demotivated very easily or I have a short attention span!
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Well some people are more decisive than others. You're just on the indecisive part of the spectrum. As far as not enjoying activities, it could be a period of depression. Unfortunately I can't help as I'm in the same boat. Sorry.
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I also don't enjoy most of activities that I used to do earlier...
Some break wouldn't be bad thing for beginning I should say... Because I feel like I want to at least try to go back to some of them...

But still I can't understand myself a lot. It's still hard to get what I want to do, what I want to be, who am I at all?

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