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Having someone can make all the difference, open up new doors, a new world of energy to get out and accomplish things.

Since iv got no one, I want nothing. Nothing can bring me life again, I know theirs no one to share my life with.
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Be careful for what you wish for.
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Same here...At least I feel better now knowing that so many people want to hide in their rooms just daydreaming and forgetting about what's going on in this ugly horrible world.I'm really unlucky because I'm surrounded by very energitic ,ambitious and motivated people who make me feel like a loser.oh God,I really find it difficult to wake up in the morning and go out to live a "normal" life.
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ur story's great,bizzare and eccentric just like the rest of this wacko forum.but im surprised ur actually married and ur partner lets u do this for 6 years?

Originally Posted by LostOut View Post
Never really been at all ambitious, never really 'got it' for some reason I've always been lazy, even after my first day at school I thought that was it and I wouldn't have to go again.

Maybe it's my social phobia, but I found school hard but being quite intelligent I was able to do well with little effort as I was too lazy to do homework or swot before exams, both made me anxious, hell I could have done so much better.

On leaving school I was so relieved, but anxious about going to college which I dropped out of after just two months. I just couldn't form any friendships. I spent the next 18 months just doing nothing, I was in heaven, a gorgeous summer I just wanted to continue my life this way.

However parental pressures made me get a job, now twenty I was able to cope quite well with work, being younger I found my SA easier to deal with, my bosses saw my potential and I quickly progressed and was a supervisor in a year. It was easy because I didn't need to do any tests or interviews, I got the job based on my performances. This I continued to do into management over the next twenty years, again lucky as I got on by my wits. Although I was in management I could never hold a meeting or do a presentation, I always made an excuse, went sick or used someone else, again I emphasize I was lucky at being quick witted, I really don't know how the hell I got away with it, maybe SA makes you resourceful, maybe things were easier back then. I always found my job pointless anyway.

6 years ago the company closed, I was made redundant, good payout and was able to buy my house outright, I've been completely lazy since, I hate the modern digital world and have no intention, desire or even able to rejoin it. My SA has always been there the thought of attending an interview just fills me with dread, bad enough, but I'll also have to answer what I've done for the last 6 years, which is zilch, it's just snowballing.

Money is running out, my partner's patience is running out, especially when she leaves me in bed every morning for work and my families contact with me is getting less and less (although this doesn't really bother me). I get embarrassed when people ask me what I do all day, but to me it sort of seems normal, I'm happy doing nothing and just don't seem to have the mental aptitude to want to do anything, walking the dog and watching old videos and DVD's is enough.

This post may seen arrogant, I'm far from that, its just a coping method, a front that everything is OK, I'm OK etc.
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Originally Posted by WintersTale View Post
I know what you mean. I want to give up on socializing period and go live in a cave, but I also know that if I do that, I'll never be happy.
I concede
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Same here. I often wish i could just disappear so i wouldn't have to deal with anyone anymore. I just want to be left alone for the rest of my life.
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I feel the same way.

'I am a rock' by Simon & Garfunkel is written for me
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I was googling "I don't wanna do anything anymore" and I ended up making my account here.

I'm surprised that there are people like me. I wish I would find a cure for this. I don't like this feeling

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I live in a van alone and am happy and don't see many people near my slab.
I like to laugh at society so it fits me. That may be sick but that is what I like most.
Doing anything would be boring.
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An island would be nice....away from civilazation....albeit in a perfect world because save me getting ill.I did see the movie "the beach" with Leo Di'Caprio.
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Originally Posted by deeds14 View Post
Whenever I feel like that, it makes me realize I need a vacation. And I feel like that a lot. So I'll take one day off work and be a happy hermit all day, and then I can go back to life a little bit more restored.
i have been doing the same but now i cant seem to manage even with day's break
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same here. feeling so tired physically and mentally. always wish i could find a place where no one could ever find me and let me to hide till im ready to live on.
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I've read the posts in the first two pages of this thread, and do relate, strongly.

I could write my background, my story but I'm really not interested in doing it, and alot of people have already filled out the space with the words I would use, so it's useless anyway. I registered to make this post because I was touched by the lot of, what I will call "real" people in this thread.

I'm not going to cheer you on, or encourage you. Play whatever it is out, it's all just a game anyway.


The words of U. G. Krishnamurti has been a solace to me.
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wish go somewhere i dont have to deal with people anymore.
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its funny.
off all the people even in this city
i cant have one friend or one gf.
really pathetic when you think about it
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