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I don't know what to do, my mom is driving me crazy

So my mom gets really angry especially at night. She never eats dinner with my dad and I, she won't even be in the same room when we eat. If she is she starts fussing to herself and leaves. (I usually just eat in a hurry so I can get done before she starts fussing. Or else I just eat dinner before my dad gets out of she shower, and then I wash my dishes and leave the rest out for him to get his plate later.) So tonight my dad and I were eating at the table and she comes in and asks if we're through and starts grabbing at everything and sticking it in the fridge all in a hurry. She said "I just want to sit down." I wanted to say, "well if you'd wait a minute and give me time to finish eating, I can clean up." But I didn't. I was finished eating, so I took my dishes and started washing them in the sink. She threw the garlic bread near me and it landed in the sink and it got wet. I just moved it and kept washing my dishes and she was like "oh, whoops" and threw it away.

I could feel the tension, so I just went to my room. I could hear banging dishes and spoons scraping at bowls and cabinet doors and drawers slamming. When it was over and my dad finished eating and left, I just went in the kitchen and said "was that really necessary?" and she just stormed outside.

I'm so sick of this, it's utterly ridiculous. Why does she act like this? I am perfectly capable of putting the leftover food in the refrigerator and washing the dishes. Usually I do it halfway through eating anyway, so she won't come in and start her slamming and craziness.

She slams cabinets and drawers. She also keeps stomping around the house. I heard it just now STOMP, STOMP, STOMP on the floor. Sometimes I'll be in bed and I can hear her come down the hall and bang on the vent outside my room.

Is this really normal behavior? I don't get it, but I know it is partly to cause for my anxiety issues. I've been dealing with this basically for years now, but it seems to be getting worse. I used to blame myself for it all because it made me feel better to feel guilty for it. Is there something I can do for this? I feel like it's far too little too late to do anything now.

I also feel bad that I don't feel love and try to act in love. But I really have no idea what to do other than do things before she gets to it. But even if I try to do anything, it's never enough. She just finds something else to do and makes a lot of noise doing it.

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No offence but you have to bring your mom to the psychologist/psychiatrist (not sure i spelled them right or not). It doesn't seem normal. What is her age? My relative, female in her 50s has kinda this type of problem and psychiatrist found she has a condition (i dunno what its name but it affects mental health of female during/after menopause). She is on med now.

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My mom was much worse when I was growing up. She yelled at my dad every other night from when I was 4 to when I was 15. I thought she was cool cause that's all I knew.

She later explained to me when I was 30 that she had hormone loss when she turned 30.

Your mom is probably having hormone issues. Depending on how old you are and what gender you are she probably doesn't want to hear that from you.

Tell your dad that she might have hormone issues and that she might need some progesterone replacement to make her relax.

I also felt unloved from a young age. It wasn't all that bad. It prepared me for a long life of solitude, confinement, and bullying. I never expected anyone to be nice because I didn't grow up in that kind of world. You'll probably be better off without feeling too much love from your mom. It'll teach you how to function in a love-deficit world and you'll never get shocked at trouble.

The worst thing that ever happened to me was also the best. I found a girlfriend who was "all loving" and she took down my guard. I found myself wanting nothing else than love and when she disappeared I was helpless.

Remember that love is only a flavor and it is very addictive. Appreciate that your mom lets you stay with her. Mine doesn't. My mom will pick an argument just for fun. If you agree with her shell argue with you and then she'll tell you that you started the argument, that you have aggressive behavior, and that she's going "to call 911" for domestic violence on you because you "raised your voice" because she wasnt listening.

Be thankful if your mom has the least bit of decency.

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How's the marriage? Your dad needs to put his foot down, this is ridicules.

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I would move out.
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Originally Posted by JH1983 View Post
I would move out.
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And also, she needs to get checked out. It may be the menopause. That can trigger mood swing and the like. If it isn't that then she should talk to a therapist.
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