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I didn’t want to admit it but my new bed sucks

I don’t want to admit I basically wasted more than $600 for some overpriced box of crap. It’s too damn short! I underestimated how small a full sized bed would actually be. God I wish I knew that I could negotiate the price lower. I didn’t know that. I should’ve gotten a queen at least.

It doesn’t have the softness I want either. I’ll be sitting on some cheap foam couch found by someone’s trash can and be like “damn! This is more comfortable than my bed”. It just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t have the same softness I felt in the store. Maybe I wasn’t thinking right. Idk.

As I write this, half my legs are hanging off the bed because I wanted to stretch my arms. I can’t even do that all the way. This sucks. I would return it, but I don’t want to go through the HELL of trying to find a new mattress. It took forever. I went to 11 different stores (yes I counted) and just couldn’t take it anymore. God.
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I'm sorry,but that made me laugh.

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Return it or you'll spend however many years you have it wishing you had. My newish chair I bought for my desk is supremely uncomfortable and I didn't return it because of the hassle and now my back hurts every day from sitting in it. Wish I'd just taken it back.

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How long do you need the bed if you want to stretch your arms ? 9 ft, no standard bed comes that long & generally old is more comfortable in mattresses & chairs, new is usually firm unless you specify particularly soft materials, life is cruel but hardship is food for the soul

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Could you sell it on the line?

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I have a full size bed. That's like huge to me. How tall are you?

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