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i did not wait for my coworker - i feel so bad

so i started a new job a couple weeks ago and this girl has been training me every day. Today we left late at 6 pm and we were both going in the same direction to take the bus and then the train. Before taking the elevator in the office she says she has to go to the washroom. I was not sure if she wanted to take the train with me or not so i didnt want to seem like a stalker so i left. Now that i think abouf what she said she said "maybe see you in the bus stop?" , i took the bus without her. I feel like an ******* now. At my last job, some girls that were coworkers when we were in the train station they would not want to ride with me, they preferred being alone. Thats why now i am so insecure about this.

What should i do? i feel so bad
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It sounds like you're making a big deal out of a very minor thing. She probably didn't think much of it either way. I tend to catastrophize things like that, too.
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I just hope she doesnt think i am rude
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a persons got to get home, the sooner the better.

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
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I think your fine. I think sometimes we think we are forever stuck with one choice, when in reality that isnt true. The truth is you've worked hard for one week, and don't let one small thing effect the great week of your new job! Maybe bring her a muffin monday, just shows you thought about her if your still concerned about the event.
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If she said "I'm going to the washroom, see you tomorrow!", then I think there's no problem in going ahead. If she said "I'm going to the washroom, wait for me!", then waiting was the right thing to do. This is kind of a grey area, but personally I think waiting behind for her would've been nice. But it's happened now, so nothing you can do nowx

Much love <3

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