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I am new here

I dont know how to start this post . but i am befuddled as to what i am suffering from . when i was younger i had undiagnosed ocd . the typical closing a door over and over again constantly washing my hands etc . i managed to beat it without medication or therapy . for the past three years i have been in the hospital several times . with heart palpitations shortness of breath chest pain . i have ensured several test ctscan stress test echocardiogram etc . they cant find a problem the dr will diagnose me with anxiety .i find it hard to accept the diagnosis . i am a independent pro wrestler and musician i dont think of myself as a anxious or nervous individual . the one ailment that is tormenting me the most is the shortness of breath and the exagerrated startle response . when a phone rings or any kind of noise on the tv my heart feels like i am startled without actually being startled . on the topic of the shortness of breath. . i used to smoke but quit four years ago . i walk two miles a day dont run out of breath . my dr said if i had copd it would show up on the xray ctscan etc . thanks for any insight i apologize for the leangthy diatribe .
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I can't diagnose you and I have no knowledge of any possible physical ailment you might have, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But I thought for most of my life that I didn't have anxiety. I even got diagnosed with anxiety by my psychologist that I was seeing about my depression and I didn't believe it until a few years later. I was under the impression that anxiety was people who walk into a room and immediately find every possible exit and plan their escape in case something terrible happened. Or someone who just randomly gets panic attacks for no reason. Or someone who can't stick their hand in a lake in case something pulls them under. While these things are definitely signs of anxiety, anxiety can't be put into a box. It manifests in different ways for every person. I don't do any of the things I named and I've never in my life had a panic attack. But I won't buy a shirt if it seems "too red" and if I hear someone laughing I assume it's at me and every time my parents visit me, I have to tell them to drive safe on their way home because if they died after visiting me, I would blame myself. But my experience is also not the definition of anxiety. If you are wondering if you have anxiety, I would advise you to do your research and read about other people's experiences so you can notice potential patterns in your life. And think about the situations you're in and what you're feeling emotionally when you have a heart palpitation.
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