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Hey guys so I am a college student currently majoring in public health so I can become a physicians assistant but the truth is that that is my second choice not my first one. I really wanted to be a phyciatrist because I have been through depression and anxiety and want to help others with similar problems. The only problem is that I take medicine and I feel like a hypocrite trying to fix other peoples problems when my problems have not been entirely fixed....Any thoughts?
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what’s the difference between most psychiatrists and their clients? One holds the keys to the building. Don’t they talk to/ have support therapy themselves? I know my old one did.
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Most psych became psych because they need psych themselves

Don't worry =)
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Public Health and Psychiatry are probably linked in many ways. So you majoring in public health is not a mistake and you can learn a lot if you want to morph into psychiatry at a later time.
I personally would not mention to people that you are taking medication, i am on a small amount of anti-anxiety medication so i am not judging, but there is a stigma about medication.
I don't see why you should not be able to be a psychiatrist and you would not be a hypocrite for taking medication. I still would not mention it to anyone like EVER, because there is a stigma, they could think you
are unstable possibly or not up to the task or something. I would still go for it. This is gonna sound crazy but a lot of psychiatrists commit suicide hehe sorry to be a downer by mentioning it, but
it is weird how that happens, the people in charge of such a great position have so many underlying issues themselves. I think it is possibly because to be a psychiatrist you almost have to be a genius to
aquire all that knowledge, and genius and madness often go hand in hand. A lot of porn stars commit suicide too but that is another story, I am just saying, psychiatrists are not more screwed up than other professions necessarily
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Become a psychiatrist if you have the ability - they earn ridiculous money. A friend of mine worked for a while as receptionist at the private psych ward I used to go to and she said some of them earn a few thousand a day.

If I were you I wouldn't be concerning myself with any so-called hypocrisy.
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