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sweet_tooth87 06-12-2019 05:28 PM

How Social Anxiety Can Negatively Impact Others
Chapter 1

Today was an normal day it seemed. I had to do some errands out, and one of them was to put air on the car tires.

Fast forward to gas station. I am familiar with the process, so i have NO doubt how easy this gonna be. No hassle, or so i thought.

As i approach the air machine, to pay (simple process, slide card, get air. No interaction needed) an voice out of nowhere shouts, "YOu don't have to pay, just go inside and tell them to put the air on."

Immediately, my senses go into overload, and fight or flight, as i respond, "Oh, really? Thanks!"....

Chapter 2 : The Lie

As i process what she actually meant, i decided to automatically listen to her advice and go into the store to ask to turn the air on.

I am in line, waiting when i start getting anxious to ask the clerk. So, i pace a lap around the inside store, and proceed to leave without asking, figuring i came here to pay, and it would just be easier to do it that way.

As i go back to the air machine, the lady asks, "What happened?"

Freaking out, to tell her the truth of how i was too nervous to ask the clerk, I tell the lady, "They said, No."

Immediately, the lady gives an shocking look, as she replies, "They can't do that, it's the LAW."

Chapter 3: The Lesson

"I didn't know, it is the Law." i responded, trying to keep myself together... fidgeting with the air machine.

As i calm a bit down, and get the air machine, running, i start putting air in the tires, finally.

The lady, marches past me, as i air out the tires, and heads inside the gas store.

Alone and at a woe, i finish what i am doing.

As i am about to leave, the lady comes back out and tell me, she told the clerk to put the air on, and how she couldn't believe they wouldn't allow me air... turns out, she worked there. Little to my knowing, her uniform should have been an tell sign.

Chapter 4: How My Lie & Anxiety Could Have Got Someone In Trouble.

Thinking back on this encounter, I could have got the gas clerk in trouble, me just trying to get by, negatively impacted the situation. Especially how it being the law, and all that. But, Man, that really hit me.

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