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I have no heart!!
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i dont think its so bad,, isorta like it

The stalker that walks awkward!!!!!!
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You can achieve those things without "losing your soul." In fact, quite the opposite. Turn your soul to higher pursuit rather than the expectations and standards of this world. Everything good about this world is temporary, or an illusion - even if it lasts a long time or seems convincing.
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Please tell me what the solution is if you ever find out OP
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Visit, you'll lose it in 1 hour.
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Believe me. Its not easy and you have to put up with years of ****. Even then you still feel like ****. Its just a defence mechanism so you don't feel any worse than you already do, not a cure.

Trust me. Its not a happy place to be.
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Well you can study in necromancy and eventually become a lich. You just need to understand how to bring your soul outside of your body and place it into a soul jar. A soul jar can be pretty much any object, but you need to keep it safe because it is your life force.

Please be warned that once you do this, your body will be without a soul, so it will be a walking corpse. You will pretty much be a skeleton within 6 months. But if you are OK with this, it is a great way to get rid of your soul.

I am not to be held responsible for anything you do with the power of necromancy. Use at your own risk. I am also not responsible for your destroyed soul jar.
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wouldn't that mean feeling no anxiety as well? that would be refreshing.
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go to hollywood with the intentions of being a world famous model/celebrity/dancer/entertainer..

then find out you have to say/do everything that goes against your convictions, morals, spirit and truth.

and then you're a star.. either that? or become a politician.
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Call ghostbusters. They don't seem to mind sucking up the souls of those without a body, why should bodied-people be any different?
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Originally Posted by bunnie View Post
How do you lose your soul? Oh that's easy!

Put up with years of alienation and verbal abuse from peers and family.
Make friends with people who humiliate you and treat you like a loser. Hang around people you don't like and who you have nothing in common with, just to belong to a group. Lie to yourself everyday. Get a job working with the public and hearing everybody's BS....then you too my dear, will lose your soul.

Sorry for the sarcasm. As you can see, I hold a grudge.
are u doing like one of those hidden camera documentaries on my life or something?
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thats not a goodthing to wish bcuz nothing will matter 2 you and you would be a living vegatable a truly sad life its better to suffer bcuz its a sign that ur still alive and thiers still hope if u want 2 become that way its not something you can choose it just happens 2 u when ur fed up and cant take no more its not volentary i tryed when i was 15yrs old and it kinda worked but i think that was the worst thing i ever did it did not help me and in fact it made me worst its better to live thru what ur going thru and not try to hide or blank things out bcuz if u do lose ur soul u might find that u want it back and u wont b able to ever get it back
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