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How do you get that positive energy flowing after negativity?

Like, after being called something or some **** bad happened, how do you keep positive energy, not coping, being positive. Like your body feels fresh, I can keep going, but I dont feel dresh, I dont feel clean if you know what I mean?
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Take deep breaths.
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Deep breaths, trying to be calm, both much easier said than done and I have not mastered at all yet, but I'm getting there even if it is slowly.
As for feeling fresh etc, I suppose I have a certain routine where I get the fresh feeling through exercise (even though this has stopped recently), a half decent diet with fresh veg n fruit and a decent shower every/other day. This helps to sort of reset myself ready for the next load of crap that life tends to deliver. As for when being out and about and feeling crap, if I'm in the car and start to get anxious (traffic jams can trigger it), I focus on my dog or the radio and will probably whack the air-con/blowers on and try to 'freshen' the car through funnily enough. I also find that chilled out talking on the radio helps to calm things too.
If very rarely I'm going shopping in the high street/shopping centre (it's been over a decade since I've been in a shopping centre) I would try to focus on what I need to get etc. I tend to just avoid that scenario though which may be bad but god bless local shops and the Internet to bring me my food and stuff!
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As to if I was called an ars8hole etc I'd try to shake it etc and deep breaths etc. I'd like to try martial arts for that bit of extra confidence. It's something I've been wanting to do but the anxiety hits and the cycle continues...
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