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Have you ever lost your temper so badly it scared you?

For me many times , I usually regret it afterwards
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No. I rarely lose my temper. But I have violence-related OCD, and that scares the **** out of me.

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Yes. Once at work someone called me up to ***** at me about something and I started screaming at him, lol. Which is a very unusual thing for me to do. Very much out of character. But he was being a real dick and I was super stressed out and had a million things going on so I just let him have it. I was so upset afterwards I had to go to the bathroom and sit in a stall for like 10 mins to try to calm down.

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Fairly often.

"But need I confess this to you, my dear friend, who have so often endured the anguish of witnessing my sudden transitions from sorrow to immoderate joy, and from sweet melancholy to violent passions? I treat my poor heart like a sick child, and gratify its every fancy. Do not mention this again: there are people who would censure me for it."

- The Sorrows of Young Werther
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I don't know about scared, more like guilt sometimes. I can get very angry.

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I don't recall. I do get very angry time to time, but for as long as I remember, I usually just suppress, bottle it up and let it fumed on the inside secretly. I do use to lose my temper when angered when I was maybe around 5-7 years old. But every time I did, my mom punishes me for showing anger. Because she always claims showing anger and emotions is disrespectful to her. So I forced myself to hide out of fear as I got a bit older. Definitely unhealthy mentally and emotionally though.

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Only in my sleep. And maybe in the 20th century, who can remember.

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Only once, when I was a teenager, many years ago. My usual problem is that I'm a chronic doormat, so unless I know someone really, really, really well, I usually don't want to show my feelings around them, anger included.
This reminded me of something funny, though. Once, when I was walking down the street, I saw some flyers for an anger management class, and my first thought was, "Wow, imagine being so controlled by your emotions like that!" Took me a good solid four seconds to remember that I have social anxiety disorder and have spent my entire life being ruled by emotions, namely fear.
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Yeh, its happened a few times, but it takes people repeatedly refusing to respect my boundaries, and doing a lot of manipulative behaviour.

I'm wise to it now, though, I can create a psychological distance now however, between my feelings and my emotions, but I am a little bit rusty with it (need more meditation).

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Originally Posted by Reecedouglas1 View Post
For me many times , I usually regret it afterwards
As a teen i used to lose my temper way too much.....i regretted it and felt a fair amount of shame as i typically took it out on my family
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Almost never. Only with my cats do I really rarely lose my temper (once a year) and I immediately feel awful afterwards and make it up, as much as you can and try to do that with cats anyway lol.
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Socializing with myself
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I think of temper as a self defense mechanism, because people all my life treated me so badly, that it triggers me to protect myself based on how I react to people crappy robotic behavior.

I got suspended from elementary school for two months, because my classmates always conspire with one another to steal my lunch money, my snacks from my bookbag, and my personal items. I tried telling my teachers, but they didn't believe me. I ended up stabbing one of my classmates with a scissor in the head. Then the school switches my class, and I ended up getting left back in first grade.

When I was in middle school my classmates would find ways to get me into trouble in class, and they provoke me to throw a desk. I ended up getting suspended from school for one day, because the math teacher said that I hit him with the desk or throw the desk in class. The math teacher said to the dean that I was a quiet student to the dean, so I spent the whole day missing out my classes in detention.

I had another math teacher who was paranoid by my behavior, she would just call the dean on me.

The last day of fifth grade, my teacher kicked me out of class, because my classmates ganged up on me and started throwing punches at me for no reason. The same teacher who got angry at my grammar and wrote that my grammar is poor on my report card.

I have to say that the people got reprogrammed by the A. I Computers and the High Authority NSA software engineers to provoke me in class. No matter how many times I try to explain myself to the dean about my classmates behavior, the dean didn't believe me. My classmates behavior and communication are repetitive and mindless. Everyday I went to school nervous and traumatized.

Never had a career, never had an income, never had a girlfriend, regardless of how many times I tried. The people have the same mentality, perception and belief about me since I was a child. The people behavior and communication induces my social anxiety and depression.

The A.I Computers/NSA engineers use a computational intelligence system to design a mentality by translating key information/cryptographic keys into thoughts, logic, and emotions that are fake to manage humanity 24/7.
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I can relate to the fear part very closely. I've felt such hatred and rage sometimes that it's almost unbearable - I usually know there's something very wrong when I get like that though and I stay home. It's a genuinely frightening experience - when you realise just how much hatred your capable of.

Usually I'm okay though, and I try to avoid that at all costs.
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yeah. I'm one of those people that very rarely get angry (or I always hide/suppress it I shall say) but once I do, its pretty bad. Bottling up anger and frustration for years does that to you.

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Yeah and then I feel guilty... I didn't use to be like this, I was a pretty calm person but after everything that happened to me last year, I can't control my temper that easily. But I've never lost my temper in front of anyone, just to people on the phone who would drive me nuts.

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Yes. Just happened last December. My boss asked me a perfectly decent question and I snapped out of nowhere. The stress got into me.
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I have lost my temper badly but that didn't scare me.
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Once in my early 20's, it was a perfect storm of circumstances pent up rage & mind altering substances, I'm a firm believer a demon took me for a rodeo that night, I made quite the bucking broncho.
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