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It's been mixed. Just glad it's almost 2021.
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Well....its definitely been an assault on my mental health for sure.
The extra workload that seems never ending....watching everyone else get anxious but holding in my own anxiety because of the type of job I do....
And oh yes.....my fiancee walking out on me 3 weeks ago

Its been such a beautiful year 🙄🙄.

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Socializing with myself
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My mind feels unhealthy for spending too much time with my psychology assignments for college. I had to write a research paper on how the pandemic affected people mind for my abnormal psychology course.

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It's become a lot worse, between the quarantine and work.
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It's not the quarantine lifestyle itself that is bothering me.

It's the being cooped up with a toxic family for 10+ months. I expect it to remain like this for the "first half" of 2021. Likewise for ruining my chances in the job market when I'm already disadvantaged by living in a remote Deadend Region. If you had (or still have) a career pre-quarantine, consider yourself a bit more on the lucky side of things.

Looking forward to joining the military in the next few months just to escape all of this. I read about people who did the same in the '08 Recession.
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Before the pandemic I was at least getting out of the house to work a job which I was socializing with coworkers. Since April I have been working form home and not socializing with coworkers. I have been stuck at home like I am under house arrest. It has made my depression to act up.

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More due to events before the pandemic, but the loss of gym was bad (and is bad) for my mental health. Also being stuck living where I really don't want to live. In some ways I improved quite a lot, but this second lockdown is going to be much harder I feel, even though I don't have the raw breakup pain from the last one (though its still ****ing me over one year later).

Originally Posted by hayes View Post
This whole year has basically derailed any progress I've made. I'm starved of any socialization. And I'm pretty sure my vitamin D levels are ****ed.
Sorry to hear. Am in a somewhat similar situation with social anxiety, but have managed to move forward in other ways. Vitamin D is easy to fix tho. But yeh, I'm super starver of socialisation.

Originally Posted by EmotionlessThug View Post
My mind feels unhealthy for spending too much time with my psychology assignments for college. I had to write a research paper on how the pandemic affected people mind for my abnormal psychology course.
Aah, jealous. Despite complaining about it all the time I really enjoyed my psychology course. Can be a bit rough when it hits too close to home, though. I remember we had to do a podcast assignment on something that affected us, I chose binge eating, but it still was a bit close for my tastes (I got a ridiculously high mark for it, which was good tho hah).

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