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nothing fills the void
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has anyone else become misanthropic through life experience?

i'm seriously struggling with this. i'm constantly wrestling with the idea I just don't want to be around people ever. that I want nothing to do with society. i've being feeling suicidal and that I have no purpose and can't see how I can fit into a normal society. I get the same **** everywhere I go and I see the worst things in people. I try to stay positive but its a real fight.

I like donuts
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Maladjusted Misfit
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Now I'm Nothing
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on and off, because this is the era of cowards and destroyers.

"I take what is mine. I pay the iron price."
―Balon Greyjoy
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Yeah. Sometimes I feel like humanity is just some sicko torturing me in his basement, and my only way to get back at it is to die quickly so it loses its plaything.
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Greasy prospector
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From what I can see being "normal" means having selective vision & being complicit in all aspects of humanity, the evil, ignorant acts we continually perpetuate on each other, animals & the planet, with the majority hiding behind a veil of devine purpose & contrived righteousness they call religion, you know you're screwed when the only reasonable option is to opt out

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death
Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow,
A poor player that strut's and fret's his hour upon the stage and is heard no more,
It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
- Macbeth
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Pandora’s Birthright
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A cabin alone in the mountains does persist in a certain appeal.

Some people will always need help. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth helping
– Meera Reed

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars; you have a right to be here.
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Gone and not returning.
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Objectively speaking, we've never had it better. A hundred years ago you'd still be lucky if you made it past birth. Starvation rates have plummeted, even in the third world. Thanks to technology we enjoy luxuries that English kings would've given away baronial titles for. Nah, I've become more of a humanist as I age.
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Agree with every word of the op. The same thing did happen to me. I wasn't like that while I was in childhood, when I was growing up... What now... Let's see... I hate people. I hate myself. I hate that I'm still alive, that I have to deal with same **** everyday, I'm sick of all that, I'm sick of everyone, I'm sick of everything, I'm sick of myself... Everytime I go to sleep I hope that I won't wake up anymore... But it will not happen, because I didn't deserve such easy death like that. It has to be long, painful, agonizing and hard...

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
I'll put drunk raccoon in my signature as well, because I CAN...
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I remember ages ago when not long after I started using this forum - I had to look up what misanthropic actually meant. That probably answers the question reasonably well.
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Yeah sometimes. I believe it's just one of my coping mechanisms and maladaptive. My inner misanthrope is a hurt and lonely person that is trying to be assertive and pretending they are in control.

There are some amazing people out there but as soon as you become the grumpy misanthrope you are closing yourself to the potential of meeting them. And it's good interactions like these that makes life so amazing. At the moment my happy medium is that I've become a exuberantly jubilant misanthrope... I kinda make a joke out of it... it makes my disdain a bit less bitter and more palatable.

I try to stay positive but its a real fight.
Keep on punching!
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People suck but I refuse to let people affect my moods or purpose from here on. Just remember, people also experience "people" as well. Even those "people" experience "people". I use to be a people person until people ruined that as well.

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Still thinking of one.
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I don't hate people, I just hate my own life.
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I don’t like human beings either but being one myself, I understand every aspect of being human. It feels as if a cockroach was able to acknowledge what it is but can’t do anything about it... that’s what it feels like to me. I see the lust, the envy, the spite, malice, the double standards and the hypocrisy of humanity altogether... that’s right, in general. I’m generalizing the population because in this specific regard, it’s a fact. Everyone is a sinner by nature. We can’t escape it.

So we can hate each other, kill each other.. do whatever we think we should do to deal with the competition in the world and to make us feel like we’re living and not just existing but the reality is that this is what we are until Jesus comes back. This is how it’s gonna be because we’re living in a world where our flawed minds are in control of what happens here on this planet.

We can build skyscrapers and create the most innovative technology imaginable but we are weak in every way possible due to our ego.

I've been seeking happiness for years.
I've lived in hiding from the darkness.
I've spent so many hours in question.
I've prayed that God finds me soon.
Only to realize I must find myself.
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Yes, I'm basically housebound atm because I'm scared of people and use any excuse not to have to go "out there"...

I hate this society and social media is corrupting everything :S

I don't wanna exist
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nothing fills the void
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i'm not christian but I do think we've fooled ourselves into thinking we have evolved. technological evolution at the expense of spiritual development. can you imagine if for one day everyone on the whole planet concentrated their energy on love instead of accumulating wealth, power, exploiting whatever resource we have and fighting with each other. so we might end up in space in 100 years time, but have we learned anything? we will just end up consuming and destroying solar systems, killing off all life outside our planet now we've got the ball rolling on the 6th extinction phase of planet earth it's time to do the same to space?

we've dedicated whole genres of books and films to the threat of alien lifeforms. I think we've got it the wrong way around, we're warmongering apes which have managed to use technology and we're the threat to any alien life. it's not just our rampant greed either or how we eat other animals, we can stop that and change our lifestyle there, but thats not the solution, diet lifestyles and our demands still threaten this earth no matter what choice you take in regards to what you put in your mouth. this is human biology, its what we are, a species that needs to destroy other species to survive. can you fight biology and nature?
the answer isn't to eat more soy we still are destroying eco systems with everything else we do, its a far bigger problem that whole species are being wiped out by us and our ever increasing consumption of the worlds resources.its greed at the end of the day, we all need a certain level of stuff to survive, we can't remove that basic level otherwise we die. but do we need to amass more and more things? more than our neighbours, more than everyone else we know? I don't think so.

the companies who are trying to be green are corrupted by greed just as easily as petromegacorps, they are all in the same game and the game is rigged, you can't forgo it the world imposes it's system upon you and has infiltrated every sector of society imposing a new norm, if you truly rebel in the purest sense you risk your own health. and we never seem to have gotten over this latent conflict nature inherent in all of us, this planet runs on competition over co-operation, it should be the other way around! but we're never gonna change. ego over everything else. I see conflict, manipulation, exploitation everywhere. I can't go a day in out within society without it impacting me.

i'm trying to be a better person, to love more, but how can you do that when all you experience from life is conflict?

I like donuts
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Most people are a**holes. I don't blame you.
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Not A Low Calorie Food
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Hmmm. I don't know about that. I have very not good feelings about humanity as a whole and some people do just plain suck but I don't automatically hate most people.

I do pretty much just avoid people because most people would want nothing to do with me anyway and would have nothing but contempt for me if they knew the first thing about me. I do sometimes feel like people just live to be a-holes.

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Nope, there are so many helpful and caring people out there.


"One thing he (Trump) does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him."- Bill Clinton

Without question the worst president we’ve ever had- Harry Reid on trump.

No question, Trump is racist.- America's heroine Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

All roads with you lead to Putin.- Pelosi to trump on his treason


Recognize human trafficking:
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I am misanthropic, and I've had some pretty **** life experiences, but I'm not misanthropic because of those.

The wretched world we’re living in at present was not an unlucky war of fate; it was an economic and political decision made without consulting the enormous human population that it would most drastically affect. If we would have it otherwise, if we’d prefer a future that we can call home, then we must stop supporting — even passively — this ravenous, insatiable conservative agenda before it devours us with our kids as a dessert. - Alan Moore

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Permanently Banned
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Yeah I laugh and throw a party when I see people die on the news it’s awesome

Not. Grow up. Misanthropic? Gonna kill yourself and your family because you hate humans so much? You’re free of any human flaws? So in your mind you’re not “people” or “human”? Yeah right. like shut up 12 year old edge lord you can’t even order through the drive through without stuttering. this is the dumbest damn thread ever.
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