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Has anyone been through foster care? Anyone a social worker

I know someone. They have two kids. There house is dirty and unclean. They can't afford to feed there kids or put them into any activities that the kids want to join. Most of the time they take care of themselves. There father never takes them to the park or the pool, he lets them sleep til noon, they stay up til 2am and there 5 and 7. There crabby due to not eating regularly throughout the day and being allowed to stay up so late. They get lots of toys, but this not what makes a child happy. A stable loving environment with parents who put there kids first is what I would want for these kids. They should also have a limited sugar intake.

I realize that in the foster care system it is full of people who just do it for the money, and full of people who molest and abuse kids. I would never want that for these kids. I would just want someone who could take better care of them then there own parents. Someone who would put them first.

If we called a social worker would the kids get immediately taken or would they give the parents a chance to improve there situation?

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Social services would obviously investigate it. I've heard of a billion situations that are much worse than what you have described, and seeing as the foster care system is bloated i don't know if much of anything will happen.

still, better than nothing.

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I think you should speak up for the kids, it sounds like child abuse and neglect to me.
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Def, call, I had a neighbor that had a filthy house, we're not talking dust, and clutter we're talking filth, feces, food left around for weeks, dirty dishes on the floor cause the sink was filled with them (not rinsed), no real meals. Clothes that were so dirty, they could stand up on their own, he would get in trouble for wearing his mothers jeans if he ran out, shudder. They placed the boy with her sister, which I really didn't understand, her house was almost the same.

While everything else you described goes against everything I think is "Right" that's just me, that's a personal choice, it's subjective, not abuse.

Typically the authorities don't take the child out of the home on a whim, even with the mother I mentioned, she was given time to clean up her act. She was also made to go to parenting classes after she got her child back. I have actually heard "I didn't get my child taken away for abuse, just a dirty house" do you know how dirty a house has to be for authorities to step in!

Food, can be subjective, the "Minimum" the law requires is not something I wish my child to have, having said this, it's perfectly legal, what I would deem as being underfed, is actually what the law says is "Enough".

Isn't it sad, when you can't look to your own parents to protect your interest.

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